A monster on the verge of eating an adventurer.


Eric’s Hobby Workshop takes a look at one of Game Workshop’s craziest games, Inquisitor! The video is a great overview of the game if you aren’t familiar with its whole deal. Eric managed to track down a bunch of 54mm models from the range which he’s built, painted, and shown off in the video. It’s been a few months since I last mentioned Inquisitor. I should write about my own experiences with the game. One day.

Tom over at the Beard Bunker writes, “Inquisitor was a bad game, and that’s why I loved it.” The game of Inquisitor I played with Patrick and Evan, with Brendan acting as a GM, was probably one of the most interesting war gamming experiences I’ve had. Patrick blogged about both of our games, Hunt the Fat Priest & Rise of the Meta-Coral, and I think manages to capture just how bonkers the game is. I grabbed the rulebook for cheap a few years back. If you spot it in the wild you should buy it, if only for the John Blanche art. There are many (many!) better rulesets out there, but there is some real charm to Inquisitor.