A monster on the verge of eating an adventurer.

Play Report: Encounters in Carcosa: Hex 1807

by Ramanan Sivaranjan on November 04, 2012

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On Friday I played a D&D one-shot to rescue a character from Wampus County trapped in Carcosa. It was a lot of fun. What follows is a Carcosa-esque play report. Gustie, from Dungeon of Signs, has a more traditional and detailed play-report up on his blog as well. The session was run by Brendan, from Untimately, who has a write up of the wilderness we were exploring. I forgot about the dead T-Rex in my write up below.

For full on Carcosa glory, you can view this encounter on my Random Carcosa website.

Encounters in Hex 1807:

Hex Description
A Bone Man (AC 3, MV 60', HD 1+1, Lawful) and a Jale Women (AC 9, MV 120', HD 1+1, Neutral) explore the badlands in search of alien technology for their war tribe.
A party of 2-8 inter-dimensional travelers search for their lost companion. They are armed with turn of the century firearms: pistols & shotguns. They are cautious around and distrustful of any natives of Carcosa they encounter. They will however aid anyone who agrees to help them find their friend.
3-18 red orbs can be seen floating in the distance.
2 Unquiet Worms make their home in the shade of a disabled alien tank. Within the tank, two dead aliens lay mummified in their spacesuits. Sufficiently intelligent creatures can restore the tank to working order after 2-6 turns of experimentation.
Trails of small insects converge on the rocky husk of a massive dead insect. Within an inter-dimensional traveler to Carcosa lays shackled to the ground. Insects crawl in and out of his body. A sorcerer and his minions are in the middle of casting the ritual Canticle of the Crawling God. They will summon the Crawling God in 1-3 hours.

You may use the following table to restock the hex:

1D4Hex Description
13-18 red orbs lay inert on the ground throughout the badlands. If investigated characters must make a Save vs. Poison or develop a random mutation.
2The Crawling God crosses the badlands trailed by a sea of insects.
32 Unquiet Worms feast on the remains of a small party of adventurers. On the bodies can be found: pistols, shotguns and worthless foreign currency.
4A Bone Man rides through the badlands on an alien tank. He is accompanied by an inter-dimensional traveller to Carcosa. Within the tank is a small cache of books describing sorcerous rituals and the dead body of a Jale Woman.

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