A monster on the verge of eating an adventurer.

Man, Twitter really does feel like a hot mess right now. And if we are all being honest with one another, it already felt like a hot mess, right? Warren from I Cast Light explains why you should be getting back to blogging: BLOG! Good God! What Is It Good For? When I started blogging (a million years ago) social media didn’t really exist as a thing, and people would share all the ephemera in their heads on their blogs. Some of your tweets are probably stupid, and should just disappear into the ether. Some of your tweets are probably worth simply posting to your blog: especially those that spark discussion. I wrote about “microblogging” here at Save vs. Total Party Kill some time ago. Anyone can start a blog and contribute to the wider RPG scene.

— Ramanan Sivaranjan, microblogging, November 07, 2022 [osr blogging ] #