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The Hexenbracken

by Ramanan Sivaranjan on March 31, 2013

Tagged: osr homebrew code

Zak Smith (from D&D with Pornstars) took a hex map by Brendan from Untimately and asked people on G+ to fill it up with descriptions. Over the course of a few days he filled in the entire map with little descriptions.

Random Wizard took all the descriptions and put them up on Google Docs. I saved the Google Docs file as a CSV and wrote a Python script to spit out everything in a slightly nicer format. You can view the resulting web page over here: The Hexenbracken.

If you are a little bit tech savvy, you can edit the Google Doc as outlined in Zak’s post, and use the python script I wrote to create your own version of the site. You can also work with the CSV file in the repo directly.

In a follow up post about this project, Zak discusses how to run a ‘hexcrawl’.

This is some serious ass communal game development at its finest.

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