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Kickstarter Report Card IV

by Ramanan Sivaranjan on December 11, 2014

Tagged: kickstarter

It’s been almost a year since I last checked in with all my Kickstarter projects. I continue to be a bit more wary about what I back, but mostly because I’m trying to buy fewer RPG books in general. My sense is that most people starting Kickstarter projects now are more mindful about being better prepared before undertaking them, and buyers are more cautious in general when it comes to parting with there money.

Dwimmermount’s development seemed to really pick up steam this year. Updates were frequent as Alex Macris started working on editing and revising the bulk of the text in the book. So after a lot of ups and downs for all involved, I received my copy of the book in October. It’s a beast of a book. Gus from Dungeon of Signs has written a thorough review of the thing. Domains at War also arrived at the end of the summer, which I think clears Autarch of all their crowd funding obligations.

Champions of Zed and Appendix N Adventure Toolkits are still running behind. I suspect i’ll get them when I get them. So it goes.

James Raggi still owes me a few more books, though I have a bunch on the way from Finland as I type this right now. I’m sure he wants to tie up all these loose ends as much as I want him to. As I mentioned last time, the fact everything he produces transforms into something much more fancy by the time it makes its way to me certainly helps stifle any frustration I may feel here.

Several kickstarters I backed since my last report have already shipped. LotFP Free RPG Day 2014 and No Salvation for Witches from LotFP wrapped up on time. (Though NSFW ended up shipping their physical books late to coincide with the release of a Red and Pleasant Land and the other new books from LotFP.) Servants of the Cinder Queen arrived on time and was a lovely little adventure. The physical copies of the two DCC RPG modules I backed are still being put together, but they grew in scope due to stretch goals. I don’t expect them to be particularly late, and I have PDFs of many of the books already. And of course Scarlet Heroes RPG by Kevin Crawford would arrive on time.

The only big miss for myself this year has been backing The Great Kingdom. The project looks amazing, but has been sued by the people making another D&D documentary. God damn it.

# Project Funded Expected Delivery Shipped?
1 No Salvation for Witches: A Pay What You Want Book August 2014 October 2014 YES
2 Dungeon Crawl Classics: Peril on the Purple Planet August 2014 November 2014 Partially
3 The Great Kingdom July 2014 July 2015 Hells No!
4 Servants of the Cinder Queen July 2014 September 2014 YES
5 Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Chained Coffin June 2014 August 2014 Partially
6 Scarlet Heroes RPG March 2014 June 2014 YES
7 LotFP Free RPG Day 2014 February 2014 July 2014 YES
8 Playsets The future of social storytelling. November 2013 February 2014 Partially
9 Reaper Miniatures Bones II October 2013 October 2014 No
10 LotFP Hardcover Referee Book October 2013 January 2019 Partially
11 Domains at War June 2013 August 2013 YES
12 LotFP 2013 Free RPG Day Adventure February 2013 July 2013 Partially
13 Appendix N Adventure Toolkits July 2012 July 2012 Partially
14 LotFP Summer Adventure Campaign July 2012 December 2012 Partially
15 Champions of Zed June 2012 August 2012 Partially
16 Dwimmermount April 2012 August 2012 YES!!