A monster on the verge of eating an adventurer.


Michael, of Trilemma fame, has started running a zombie survival game set on the Isle of Wight. The game takes place at the end of the cold war turned hot. The players are all crew of the cargo ship BF Fortaleza. I managed to join in for one session, and hope to make some more in the future. I love Zombie World, as you all ay now, but the system Michael cobbled together for his game worked really well. I think it illustrates neatly how you can really jam a bunch of ideas together and make something compelling enough. (I hadn’t encountered the encounter move from The Regiment before, and it seems like something everyone should steal for their games.)

G Plus Pin

BreakoutCon is this weekend. Sadly I will miss it, i’m out and about, but I did manage to meet up with some friends last night, before the convention began in earnest. It was a bit of a G+ reunion. Zzarchov drove down from middle of nowhere Ontario. Richard G drove up from Upstate New York. We rounded out the posse with some torontOSR regulars: myself, Brendan, Alex, and KYANI. What a crew! KYANI gave everyone G+ buttons she made. An advantage of meeting up with Zzarchov is you get to see what he’s been up to in the flesh. He had new reprints of several of his books, including one of my favourites, Scenic Dunnsmouth—a true classic of the OSR. The book was kickstarted as part of the Kickstarter for City of Tears. It still features Jez’s amazing art and layout. I assume you’ll be able to buy it soon. This is me giving you notice to start paying attention to Neoclassical Games wesbstore.