Gradient Descent Session 9

June 15th, 202

Players: Brendan, Evan, Stephen

The group leave the Mind Thief and back track towards the exit out of the Brain Construction zone. On their way back they stumble upon two children, clearly androids. They have escaped from the labs on level 4 and are seeking the The Mind Theif themselves. The party convinces them they are his representatives, and they should join them on their quest to blow up Monarch. The children are onboard and so off they all go.

They continue to backtrack, through the Maze Cage to the Condensation Falls. They pull themselves down on the chains that run from top to bottom in that space, looking to see what is below in the darkness. They find some industrial equipment they decide to leave alone, and full themeslves backup, exciting through a door that leads to cramped maintenance corridors. Making a left into an even small tunnel, they find themselves in a room that’s a jumble of cables. Kjell rigs one of his frag grenades up with a remote trigger, and leaves it behind. This might come in handy. They return to the original corridor and continue onwards, into a larger space.

A solid steel bridge covers the space with the occasional handhold. The walls are covered in a texture that on closer inspection is the phrase “BORN TO SUFFER” again and again, in languages dead, living, and imagined. It is unnerving. They continue on.

At a T-junction just past this space they encounter two androids fused together. They tell the group they are resting before continuing their search for the Minotaur, a name they haven’t heard since they first arrived at the Bell. These androids also believe the Minotaur is the saviour of all humanity, and though they are androids they feel compelled to seek it out. The party ask if they want to help destroy Monarch, and of course they do. They collectively refer to themselves as Erreh-4.

They move on to what looks like it might have been a former entrance into this space. A shaft leads up to the 2nd floor, formally the exhibition space on the station. The group move up into a meeting room where they see a floating dead body, it’s face completely pulverized. Scott Van Clapper investigates and determines the android died from his face being totally pulverized—good job.

They move towards a room emanating heat, and come up the furnaces, huge monoliths. There are 8 in the total, and they are covered from top to bottom in the graphic depictions of human suffering painted on in grease.


I gave up on using a ‘hazard system’ for worrying about exhaustion and the like, and have stuck with just worrying about encounters. Will think about folding that stuff back in later, but it didn’t feel like it was really working with how I was playing.

The group has collected a menageries of followers and are heading to find Monarch, which has some Wizard of Oz vibes.

Evan returned! We just pretended he was never gone, as is the way.