Gradient Descent Session 7

April 19th, 2021

Players: Brendan, Josh

The group venture through the tight steel maze like space attached to the Condensation Falls, eventually stumbling upon a door leading to a maintenance shaft. Eventually this shaft narrows down to a duct and the duct deposits them in a white room, three dead security androids floating in the middle of the space, their heads ripped open, their logic cores missing. That seems like something a Mind Thief might do!

The group move through a door to the North into a space bisected by a large glass tube full of sand. The sound of the sand flowing is a quiet roar. Discussions about whether to blow it up and see what happens are had, but the party moves on. They move through a door marked with warning signs.

They enter a small room, black with yellow hazard stripes. There is some safety literature on the walls, discussing the dangers of UV Blasters. There are also some UV survivals suits, which on cursory examination are all clearly damaged. There is also a giant off switch, behind some glass. There is once again much debate on how to proceed, whether they can make a working UV suit out of a bunch of garbage ones, etc. The Android companions from Scrap Town that are travelling with the group convince them to at least explore the start of the UV Blaster, which they decide to do.

It’s a giant room filled with cat walks orbiting several giant lenses. They decide not to go into the room the lenses a focusing light into, and retreat back to the Safety Room and from there to the Power Bank.

The room is filled with massive capacitors. They line the floor and walls and equal intervals. As they explore the room they can hear the whine of the capacitors as they charge and discharge every five minutes. The group decide to climb/float up a ladder to the mechanical space that sits above this room and floor.

There are cables everywhere. This sea of colour makes movement difficult. They push their way through one clump of cables to find a “maintenance worker” starring back at them. He freaks out! Kant feels sharp pain in his logic cores as the creature relays his pain and trauma into him. It is a mind bending experience, and it takes effort to separate these other memories from his own. The group decide to flee, dropping down a nearby hatch.

They catch their breath for a quite moment, but when the create floats down through the ceiling they realize that’s not going to work. They decide to ask the Ghost questions, about what it wants from them. This seems to calm it down. It gives some confused answers, and then fades away.

As is the groups signature style, they are back in the room they started in (with three dead androids floating in the middle of the space).