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Kickstarter Report Card - Part 2

by Ramanan Sivaranjan on June 13, 2013

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It’s been a few months since I last wrote about Kickstarter: I thought I should check back in. A few projects I backed have indeed shipped since that mostly gloomy report. I got my Weird West Miniatures a month or two after posting my original article. The Crawler Companion was released. I am hoping to pick up a copy of the LotFP 2013 Free RPG Day Adventure this weekend, and I’ve already received two modules as PDFs as part of that project.

I’m still waiting for quite a few projects. The two other LotFP projects I backed are still outstanding. It sounds like the Rules and Magic book is on the cusp of being shipped. Updates aren’t as frequent as I like, but it sounds like there is good progress being made on most of the projects. Some of the modules I backed sound like they are shaping up to be quite great. The Seclusium of Orphone went from being a 32 page booklet to a 160 page hard cover book! Dwimmermount looks like it might actually be finished before the year is out. The goal is to get the version I backed out by Gencon. The recent updates on the project sound both interesting and promising.

I have so much stuff outstanding from Brave Halfling Publishing in addition to the Appendix N Adventure Toolkits. The man behind the project has had a very hard year, so I find it hard to get worked up about, but i’m not sure I’d have backed this project or bought anything in hindsight. Champions of Zed continues to be the most lacking of all the projects I’ve backed, though Machinations of the Space Princess has also had some pretty lackluster communication about what’s been going on. (Update 2013-06-19 A few days after posting this I got a PDF in the mail for Machinations of the Space Princess, so that’s that.)

I have backed one new project since my last post, Domains at War, which are rules for running a war game. Learning from their past mistakes with Kickstarter projects, it looks like Autarch went into this Kickstarter with the manuscript for their book almost complete and play tested. They are estimating the book will ship in October, and I almost believe them.

# Project Completion Date Shipped?
0 Domains at War June 2013 Partially
1 LotFP 2013 Free RPG Day Adventure February 2013 Partially
2 Spears of Dawn November 2012 Yes!
3 The Art of Brom October 2012 No
4 Machinations of the Space Princess September 2012 Yes!
5 Crawlers Companion for All July 2012 Yes!
6 Appendix N Adventure Toolkits July 2012 Hells No!
7 LotFP Summer Adventure Campaign July 2012 Hells No!
8 This Just In…From Gen Con 2012 June 2012 Yes!
9 Champions of Zed June 2012 Hells No!
10 LotFP Hardcover and Adventures Project May 2012 Hells No!
11 Weird West Miniatures May 2012 Yes!
12 Barrowmaze II April 2012 Yes!
13 Dwimmermount April 2012 Hells No!
14 Random Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon Map April 2012 Yes!

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