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A Modicum of Self Control

by Ramanan Sivaranjan on July 30, 2012

Tagged: dnd books

There are so many old D&D modules out there that sound a little bit interesting. I decided to write out exactly what older D&D modules and books I want. The goal here was to stop myself from spending money like an idiot on anything and everything I might stumble upon, but also have enough books to buy that I can spend money like an idiot. I don’t consider myself a collector of D&D books, but there is certainly some aspect of collecting at play in my behaviour. I also have a (bad) habit of buying more books than I could possibly hope to read in a reasonable amount of time. I wanted to pick a small set of old books and then forget any others exist.

In the end I decided to look for the following books:

I’ve picked up a few of these books already, finding them used on eBay and Amazon. I have a question for you: have I missed any obviously amazing D&D or AD&D 1e books?1

  1. I have no interest whatsoever in anything from 3rd Edition. There is a part of me that wants to buy up all the 2nd Edition Dark Sun books, but for now that’s not something I plan to do. 

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