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Kickstarter Report Card

by Ramanan Sivaranjan on March 26, 2013

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Update 2013-06-13: I took another look at my Kickstarter projects

I’ve backed several RPG Kickstarters. I discovered the whole old-school D&D scene via the Random Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon Map Kickstarter project, and that led me to backing Dwimmermount and Barrowmaze. By the end of the summer I think I got a lot more picky about what I was willing to give money to.

Erik Tenkar regularly updates his readers on the state of his Kickstarter projects. I thought I’d do the same.

# Project Completion Date Shipped?
1 LotFP 2013 Free RPG Day Adventure February 2013 Partially
2 Spears of Dawn November 2012 Yes!
3 The Art of Brom October 2012 No
4 Machinations of the Space Princess September 2012 No
5 Crawlers Companion for All July 2012 Partially
6 Appendix N Adventure Toolkits July 2012 No
7 LotFP Summer Adventure Campaign July 2012 No
8 This Just In…From Gen Con 2012 June 2012 Yes!
9 Champions of Zed June 2012 Hells No!
10 LotFP Hardcover and Adventures Project May 2012 No
11 Weird West Miniatures May 2012 Hells No!
12 Barrowmaze II April 2012 Yes!
13 Dwimmermount April 2012 Hells No!
14 Random Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon Map April 2012 Yes!

Spears of Dawn is notable for shipping ahead of its estimates, and shipping a bonus goal much sooner than I had expected. I think the other projects that shipped were more or less on time. That’s 4 projects that have shipped out of the 14 projects I’ve backed.

The LotFP Hardcover still hasn’t shipped, but there are PDFs of the new layout and it seems to be reasonably far along. Still, it’s pretty damn late. You’ll notice I still backed two more projects from the company. The stuff LotFP put out is particularly good so i’m willing to put up with the snails pace. I don’t get the sense James Raggi is going to run off with my money.

Champions of Zed is probably the worst of the projects I’ve backed when it comes to communicating what’s going on. It was supposed to ship 7 months ago. Weird West Miniatures is apparently done, though I have yet to receive anything from them. Dwimmermount is very late, but more than enough has been said about that.

When I got back into all the RPG stuff I was pretty excited about all these Kickstarter campaigns. Now, not so much.

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