Gradient Descent Session 8

May 10th, 2021

Players: Brendan, Josh, Stephen

Back where they started, but with a plan to travel through the Brain Construction floor. Kant, now with some of the memories of an old Cloud Bank employee mixed in with his own memories, suggests a route that avoids the UV Blaster completely, and takes the players to an area of the factory that seems isolated enough to be a good hideout for the Mind Thief. They begin by backtracking to the the Power Bank, which they manage without incident.

While travelling through the Power Bank they hear another group of androids ahead of them, seemingly lost, but they decide not to find out. They give the group a wide berth and move on to the Engraving Needles room and then on to the Void.

The space is cavernous and pitch black. It’s almost disorienting. They hug a wall and move across the room, walking sideways along a wall. After travelling for some time they hear a metallic clink and from the darkness emerges 3 robotic dogs, barrelling towards them. The quick reflexes of the marine Kjell and a fragmentation grendade manages to take care of the beasts (and takes out a chunk of the room as well). And then they are back to marching through the blackness of the room, eventually reaching the other side.

The group carefully move through a room where silicon is being prepared, and on to a clean room. Past that they enter a circuit testing floor. The room is filled with small slices of silicon floating about like shrapnel. They move cautiously through the space, slowly, through a door that leads to … The Mind Thief!

He seems to be expecting them. Or, at the very least, doesn’t seem shocked or intimidated by their arrival. He makes them a proposition: help him kill Monarch. He gives the group a small cube he calls The Hell Box. He claims it can destroy Monarch, the group just need to find Monarch’s AI core. A quandary, this was the person they have been trying to find and kill. In the end the group decide to take Helios, The Mind Thief, up on their offer.


I need to think more about how I’m running Mothership and this module. It’s often quite quiet. Is it creepy, or just boring? Thinking Emoji. Rules wise, I find I run everything FKR style nowadays: perhaps I should read what that whole scene is even about. I think I need to have more people mucking around. There are a few threads I should revisit when a random dice roll sends danger their way.