Gradient Descent Session 12

August 16th, 2021

…Coming Soon …

They fled through the pseudo flesh farms, back to the maintenance zone, to dis/assembly yard, the storage zone, and finally to the hangar on the 6th floor. They were trying to be direct, since they could hear the station falling apart. They took Silus with them, “downloading” him to a strange hive-mind artifact they had found earlier. (Sure, why not.) They met another diver, confused about what was going on, who followed them out as well. What’s his deal? We may never know, not sure when we’ll pick this all up again. Some threads for the future anyway.


The players all had vacsuits they picked up in the pseudo flesh farms. I had rolled to see how long it took to get down to Monarch, since the adventure says hours: 2 hours. So I said they were down to 8 hours 02 from their time getting to level 5, messing up Monarch, and getting back to the farms. Life support would die in 5 hours, and the station would tear itself apart in 10. I did much more careful turn tracking than I had previously, so that I’d know if they were bumping up against either time limit while making their way out.