Gradient Descent Session 10

June 21th, 202

Players: Brendan, Stephen

The players leave The Furnaces behind as they move into a clean room of sorts. There are three interlocking sterile white rooms, each hermetically sealed. They enter into the space cautiously. There are other doors also leading into this initial space, but they decide to move further into this room, into the second sterile white room. Here a voice with a bad british accent informs them they must put on fresh containment suits, found in the room, before venturing to the Psuedoflesh Farms! This AI’s name is Silus. Decked out, the door infront of them unlocks, and they can move on to the final room and then through a chute towards the Psuedoflesh Farms.

Floating upwards they cover a good distance before they catch glimpse of a creature in the distance, barely lit by their lights. In pushes itself downwards, towards them, a big mess of flesh. An android twisted into something terrible. And there is much fighting in the confines of the chute, the players manage to make it out victorious. Well, except they are now covered in the disgusting ichor of this android.

Silus welcomes them as they reach the well lit Gravity Acclimator room. Gravity slowly ratchets itself up. This is the first well lit room the party have seen in some time, and the first gravity they have felt in ages.

They start travelling through the spaces, making small talk with Silus as they move from room to room. They check out the workers lounge, where they are told there are some choice snacks. They opt to not have any. They see Biocide Supplies, but leave them alone lest they upset the AI, that looks to have eyes and ears everywhere. In the course of their travels Silus gets a little frustrated in the conversation and demands the party feed some organic matter to the Maw further inside this factory space.

The first factory room they encounter is the Nursery. Giant vines of pseudoflesh grown around tall poles, each bearing fruit of hands, faces, feet, eyes, etc. Small androids harvest this ‘fruit’. They seem to take interest in the androids in the party, and so they decide to book it out of the room.

They move onto the Psuedomilk Vat storage room. Standing atop a gangplank they have a good view of a huge vat of grey sludge below. Strange eels can be seen swimming in the liquid. The whole mixture churns and roils. Disgusting.

And here the party catches their breath.