Masters of Carcosa - Session 6
Ramanan Sivaranjan

This is a write up for session 6 of my D&D campaign Masters of Carcosa. The game is currently run online using Google+ hangouts. You can join the online community there to learn more, or read my blog.


A small cave complex is home to a group of insane Mi-Go who unwittingly gaurd a second entrance into the hidden citadel found in this hex.

You may restock using the following table.

d4Hex Description
115 Mutant Lambeosaurus (AC 15, MV 120', HD 13, neutral). Feathered Brown hide. Eyes glow brightly (Gaze causes confusion). Immune to surprise.
2The Brown Men in the town of Hex 1012 have caught and murdered a group of Carcosans attempting to infiltrate their town. The bodies of the dead are proudly displayed on the walls outside the town.
35 Mi-Go dissect a group of Carcosans in their cavern home.
43 Carcosans purport to know a secret route into the hidden citadel in Hex 1012. They will reveal the entrance is guarded by Mi-Go—for a small fee.