Masters of Carcosa - Session 5
Ramanan Sivaranjan

This is a write up for session 5 of my D&D campaign Masters of Carcosa. The game is currently run online using Google+ hangouts. You can join the online community there to learn more, or read my blog.


Village of 34 Bone Men, led by “The Ravishment of Dreamers”, a Neutral 4th level fighter. They are addicted to snorting the powder of the Jale Desert Lotus, which grows throughout the underground cave system they live in.


17 Jale Men (AC 14, MV 120’, HD 1+1, Neutral). They are aggressive slavers: -2 on reaction rolls. Three of the slavers carry space alien laser rifles.

1 pack lizard. Strapped to its back are 10 weeks worth of rations.

You may restock using the following table.

d4Hex Description
117 Jale Men (AC 14, MV 120’, HD 1+1, Neutral), slavers, have captured 5 Carcosans, who trail the men and women shackled together.
25 Carcosans and their pack animal travel are traveling back to their home, the Bone Man Village in Hex 1011. They know the location of several important landmarks in the region, but are unable to leave their village without getting lost. They can only reliably navigate back to their home.
3A Orange Women and a Red man lay dead in a small cavern complex. Their eyes are open and dilated, big smiles on their faces.
43 Carcosa men and women. They are carrying 3 Jale Desert Lotuses.