Masters of Carcosa - Session 18
Ramanan Sivaranjan

This is a write up for session 18 of my D&D campaign Masters of Carcosa. The game is currently run online using Google+ hangouts. You can join the online community there to learn more, or read my blog.


9 Space Aliens, part of the Space Alien Strike Force. They have have returned from exploring the area to the East, and can tell the party about the villages in found 2-3 hexes away.

A circle of Bone Men stand watch around ancient Snake Men ruins. They exist in a state of undeath, and will not attack the party, but simply scream when they spot someone.

You may restock using the following table.

d4Hex Description
1Bone Men thralls stand screaming, warning of trespassers long since dead.
23 Blue Men, bandits, ...