Masters of Carcosa - Session 14
Ramanan Sivaranjan

This is a write up for session 14 of my D&D campaign Masters of Carcosa. The game is currently run online using Google+ hangouts. You can join the online community there to learn more, or read my blog.


The bodies of dead Black Men lay rotting where they fell, murdered by a group of Purple Men who have captured their castle. The Purple Men are a wild bunch, former cultists who have become nihilists after losing faith in their patron Old One.


The ruins of the ancient Snake-Men fill all who see them with a sense of deep foreboding.

You may restock using the following table.

d4Hex Description
1The Snake-Man Kheru, Ratlor, and Shiar, the last of their race, leave the ruins of their former castle. The Carcosan men and women who inadvertently ended their millennia long stasis follow in chains.
2A castle of 16 chaotic Purple Men. Where one would normally find a door, the bodies of a group of Carcosans dangle rotting from ropes.
3Molkrom consumes the group of men and women foolish enough to summon it.
46 Purple Men mounted upon velociraptors head East in search of the men and women that killed the rest of their crew.