Masters of Carcosa - Session 12
Ramanan Sivaranjan

This is a write up for session 12 of my D&D campaign Masters of Carcosa. The game is currently run online using Google+ hangouts. You can join the online community there to learn more, or read my blog.


The Bone Man sorcerer, The Dominant Reflection (AC 16, MV 90', HD 4, Chaotic) has taken over the abandoned Space Alien outpost, along with a sizable group of Bone Men cultists. They worship the long dead Snake Men.

You may restock using the following table.

d4Hex Description
1Having been captured by the Spherical Hunter Killer Robot, a group of Carcosans lay chained up in the radioactive wastes outside the abandoned Space Alien outpost.
2The Queen of Autumn (AC 14, MV 120’, HD 2, Lawful) surveys the abandoned Space Alien outpost at a distance with her Space Alien binoculars. She is traveling South East in search of help to retake the complex.
3A small group of Carcosans lay captured and drugged in the small cells found underneath the abandoned Space Alien outpost.
42-12 Bone Men cultists (AC 14, MV 120’, 1+1 HD, Neutral). They are led by The Dominant Reflection (AC 16, MV 90', HD 4, Chaotic). They are looking for recruits and regrouping.