The Kraal

Frost giants, mastodons, devil swine. A land of never ending winter. This is the Kraal.

A Map of the Kraal

The Kraal 0101 0102 0103 0104 0105 0106 0107 0108 0109 0110 0111 0112 0113 0114 0115 0116 0117 0118 0119 0120 0201 0202 0203 0204 0205 0206 0207 0208 0209 0210 0211 0212 0213 0214 0215 0216 0217 0218 0219 0220 0301 0302 0303 0304 0305 0306 0307 0308 0309 0310 0311 0312 0313 0314 0315 0316 0317 0318 0319 0320 0401 0402 0403 0404 0405 0406 0407 0408 0409 0410 0411 0412 0413 0414 0415 0416 0417 0418 0419 0420 0501 0502 0503 0504 0505 0506 0507 0508 0509 0510 0511 0512 0513 0514 0515 0516 0517 0518 0519 0520 0601 0602 0603 0604 0605 0606 0607 0608 0609 0610 0611 0612 0613 0614 0615 0616 0617 0618 0619 0620 0701 0702 0703 0704 0705 0706 0707 0708 0709 0710 0711 0712 0713 0714 0715 0716 0717 0718 0719 0720 0801 0802 0803 0804 0805 0806 0807 0808 0809 0810 0811 0812 0813 0814 0815 0816 0817 0818 0819 0820 0901 0902 0903 0904 0905 0906 0907 0908 0909 0910 0911 0912 0913 0914 0915 0916 0917 0918 0919 0920 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1101 1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107 1108 1109 1110 1111 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119 1120 1201 1202 1203 1204 1205 1206 1207 1208 1209 1210 1211 1212 1213 1214 1215 1216 1217 1218 1219 1220 1301 1302 1303 1304 1305 1306 1307 1308 1309 1310 1311 1312 1313 1314 1315 1316 1317 1318 1319 1320 1401 1402 1403 1404 1405 1406 1407 1408 1409 1410 1411 1412 1413 1414 1415 1416 1417 1418 1419 1420 1501 1502 1503 1504 1505 1506 1507 1508 1509 1510 1511 1512 1513 1514 1515 1516 1517 1518 1519 1520 1601 1602 1603 1604 1605 1606 1607 1608 1609 1610 1611 1612 1613 1614 1615 1616 1617 1618 1619 1620 1701 1702 1703 1704 1705 1706 1707 1708 1709 1710 1711 1712 1713 1714 1715 1716 1717 1718 1719 1720 1801 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1807 1808 1809 1810 1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1816 1817 1818 1819 1820 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Hex Descriptions

⇖ ⇙ ⇗

See: 0106, 1711

Steppe, abandoned village of partially melted igloos.

⇖ ⇙

The villagers of PEAT put their dead warriors in the nearby bogs. Under a waxing gibbous moon, the peat-wights rise and seek the enemies that slew them.

⇖ ⇙

A circle of 12 dead mountain goats, their throats slit open. Each is missing a different organ and has a gold coin in its mouth.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0203

This area is mostly desolate save for a single gravestone, entirely unadorned save for a keyhole in the center of it. This is actually the prison of an extremely powerful Death Knight who will slay one thing of his liberator's choosing.

⇖ ⇙

FROSTSTONE - Dwarven trading outpost, mostly low buildings made of stone. Inhabitants are unusually welcoming to outsiders.

⇖ ⇙

A stranded children's choir enroute to Hex 0101. Time does not appear to pass within the confines of the tower where they have sought refuge.

⇖ ⇙

See: 1207

Palisaded village of 83 Dogmen (2 HD) and human Roofdrak 0-level worshipers grandiloquently called the REPUBLIC OF FANG. Party may become citizens of the micro-state (and use the hex as a base), but are only counted as a 1/5 vote.

1d6 artic owlbears scavenging the ruins of an ancient Ice dwarf settlement. An entry to an underground complex can be found in the ruins. It leads to an exit in Hex 0206.

⇖ ⇙

Gently rolling steppes give way to a limestone bluff pocked with 1d6 caves and 3d10 harpy nests.

⇖ ⇙

A frost-rimed pool sits within this glade. Tunnels below the waterline are home to a family of giant otters.

⇖ ⇙

Snowy forest. Bare limbed trees whistle soft music to the wind.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0114, 0201, 0903

Buried beneath a tree which birds refuse to touch is the Cask of Ancient Winters. It contains all the cold from all previous centuries.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0213, 0520

A stand of elms grows together, as if woven to produce a large dome. The trees enclose one of the three embodiments of Despair.

⇖ ⇙

Dense forest costs double to move through, parties sleeping in this hex will wake to find their packs picked through by squirrels.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0116, 0214, 1617

The fortified human city of GLACE ruled by the Cold Witch. She often send her white knight in search of the Cask of Ancient Winters in Hex 0111. She hopes it will allow her to become immortal.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0117

Mixed party of half-elves and northern amazons. They are accompanied by a white tiger.

⇖ ⇙

12 spies from the mountain city of MYTHILLI in Hex 1009 make their way towards GLACE, disguised as the gruff mountain men known to inhabits these parts. They are dressed in simple garb and wield clubs and hammers, but each carries 500 GP in gems concealed on their person.

⇖ ⇙

See: 1209, 1514, 1617

Village of NIXELSTRATH, the foundation of which is a dwarven bunker, ruled with an iron fist by the northern amazon queen Nuriel, who is 213 years old. Her consort is an elf. Likely some of the half-elves in Hex 0115 are her offspring. They have begun suspecting someone is innhabiting the WINTER PALACE in 0420 that appears to be in 0418 .

⇖ ⇙

VOREIGJN This settlement is built on terraced decks around a cluster of very large (50 ft diameter) ever-burning bonfire pits in the remains of an old fortress. It is ruled by dwarves who wear spiked shoes and make wine from the blood of smilodons.

⇖ ⇙

Frozen marshes. A warband of intelligent zombies are trapped in the permafrost; they will perform one service for any who free them given a somewhat decent reaction roll..

⇖ ⇙

See: 0220

Three basalt statues of wailing women stand here, marking the historic northeastern boundary of the territory of the Smoke-Swallower tribe of cannibals, whose warriors split their tongues and bind their forms into bizarre, contorted shapes. These statues represent the three pathetic Goddesses of the Defeated, They Whose Husbands Are Eternally Eaten, and mark a holy place where Smoke-Swallowers come to deposit their victims’ bones in view of their enemies to the northeast.

Firgax the fire giant witch doctor and a gaggle of unnaturals follow his semi-reliable divining skull in a meandering path towards Hex 0111. He intends to find and destroy the Cask of Ancient Winters.

The footsteps of ice giants are in the snow here, following them leads you to a group of ice giants.

PALACE OF FROZEN TEARS. Home to the Spite Priests, abandoned by their god. They seek the Death Knight in Hex 0104.

The Godhammer, a 30' long stone hammer, rests atop the tallest crags. It is sought by the dwarfs in Hex 0302.

An albino bear.

Many of the rocky overhangs here are inhabited by icicle-mimicking piercers of extra large size.

A raiding party of ice goblins who inhabit the mountains in this area. They are working for the mountain king who lives in Hex 0415.

The Fifth Monument of the Toad Gods sits unevenly on a rocky hillside—a hideously smiling stone sculpture of a squatting Slaad, weathered and cracked. Stonewise adventurers or long time residents may notice new rock has been freshly quarried to fill old gaps in the ancient landmark.

The trees grow particularly tall here, their branches dangling massive icicles. The spirits of the forest will causes a rain of razor sharp icicles to fall down upon any who defile the white purity of the winter goddess.

A strange abandoned temple has an enormous metallic tower with no visible means to enter. On nights when the aurora borealis is particularly strong, the tower glows a soft blue colour and can be seen from miles around.

Ice spiders. They attack the party when they get close to the center of the hex.

A deep, dark hole that emits a sulfurous gas.

Amongst withered and crooked trees, the body of a party of adventures that were overcome by the element of Despair in Hex 0112. They have clearly been slain by each other, the final survivor simply laying down to die in the cold.

Kladun Oziriphan the sorcerer shelters here in an illusion-shrouded ice cave, summoning and binding foul outer entities to aid him in assassinating the white knight of GLACE in Hex 0114

A statue of an attractive begging man kneels on the highest hill of this hex. Placing an offering of coins into his proffered hands grants a +d4 bonus to reaction rolls for d4 days. If equal offerings are given to its brother-statues in Hex 1405 and Hex 1718 before the next moonrise, the supplicant is granted a permanent +1 to charisma. The elf from Hex 0216 knows the location of the other statues.

White elf naturalist wearing a scarf and insect-shaped windmask examining a frozen gelatinous cube.

The curious natural deformation and of the hills and caves steals all echoes, and sends them to Hex 0218.

The echoes from Hex 0217 emerge amplified one-hundred fold through sinkholes here..

See: 0420

THE VILLAGE OF RESTLESS SOULS, this village is completely abandoned. There is evidence of a fight, though the belongings of everyone who once lived here are untouched. If anyone touches any of the belongings they are attacked by a restless spirit.

See: 0320

6 Smoke-Swallowers tribesman (see also: 0120) feast on an adventuring party they captured earlier in the day. 1-4 of the captives are alive, but bound and gagged, waiting to be cooked and eaten. A straggler from their group is in Hex 0320.

Frozen marshes. Ice alligators leap through the surface to capture prey that they track through sound.

52 overly cautious nomads stalk this frozen tundra. They will pay 50 GP mastodon bones for wolf pelts.

8 dwarves travelers seeking the Godhammer in Hex 0204.

Group of 2d4 gruff mountain teenagers from the village in Hex 1401 undergoing their Coming of Age ritual - they must each take the head or pelt of a dangerous white beast to complete their initiation into adulthood. They will pay for information on the location of such beasts with necklaces of carved white fangs, but will not accept help.

An icy lake covers and conceals a marble statue holding a raised trident. Every new moon 31 cultists migrate to perform a series of sex-rites before the single spike poking out of the ice.

Roaming in this hex can be found 42 white elk (3 HD) with cobalt horns (worth 15 GP each)

Two tribes of warring cave men caught in an uneasy alliance to rid themselves of the piercers in Hex 0206 and the white elves in Hex 0308.

White elves consider human logging here a threat. They have trapped trees to explode when the center ring is cut in vengeance.

A small tribe (12-18) of white elves hide here among the trees. Lead by Ulivan the Steward, the elves carry out attacks on the human loggers in Hex 0307.

Bromgrush the ancient ironwood ent lurks here, tired and wounded after accidentally setting off an exploding tree in Hex 0307. He needs a special ritual performed on him by a druid to heal his wounds. He has an ornate scroll tube containing an elvish map to dark ruins in the nearby swamps which he will offer to those that aid in finding the druid.

Statue garden. Basalt sculptured of humanoid figures with fox-, bear-, and raven-heads. Small offerings of meat and bones can be found at the bases of several statues.

An unassuming shrub grows tart red berries on the winter solstice. Each berry is sufficient to feed a man for a whole day. During that time, the base of the shrub is littered with the corpses of birds who became too fat to move.

Inside a rotting stump a gold ring (100 GP) can be found, upon which the Symbol of Thor has been engraved.

A marble fountain in a ring of trees. The water is clean, clear and icy cold. At the bottom of the fountain is a silver key. It opens the eye of the Toad Statue in Hex 0614.

Empty of all but tundra and ice weasels.

An enormous hole opens into the ground. From deep within, the sound of cracking ice and flowing water can be heard.

Roaming this hex is a band of four gnomish ice weasel hunters. also roaming the hex are a trio of frost giants who are hunting the gnomes.

3 mummies encased in sarcophagi of ice lie in this cave. The mummies themselves are adorned in gold, though melting the ice will cause them to break through and attack.

An ice giant merchant has made a camp here. He sells various supplies, and has the hide of a white dragon for trade for other magical goods..

The wiry hermit, Mordiki, meditates naked within the cave. He is a 9th level cleric with 3 constitution but can cast only reincarnate (as a Druid) rather than raise dead.

Frozen warriors stand trapped within blocks of ice. Many of them are still alive, and freeing them will give you infomation about nearby hexes or a follower for 1D4 days.

Colossal mated pairs of axebeaks hunt mastodons on the icy tundra here.

See: 0220

A straggler from the adventuring party in Hex 0220, making his way back to the group after missing a session.

Peeking just above the tundra is the top of a tower. Delving down into the tower via the battlements reveals several frost zombies and key in a chest. The key unlocks a dwarven tower in Hex 0607.

Garmthos, a 5th lvl MU awaits the coming of The Lord of Bitter Winds. The omens may indicate a Fighter PC (1% Chance, each.)

Carved into the rock in the northeast face of a hill is a sigil of 2 interlocking circles with 3 parallel spears above and below each alternating direction. This is the sign that the territory belongs to ZSITHAMK ICECALLER located in Hex 0504.

The cultists from Hex 0304 live here, in a great STONE ABBEY. They conceal themselves as worshippers of Sol Invictus, but are unable to perform appropriate miracles..

Grey ironwood grows here that makes the finest longbows. The ironwood roots also carve out natural catacombs as they swell and shrink in the rhythm of the seasons (sometimes the branches of the ironwood trees also move jerkily even when there is no wind)..

A cave entrance belches forth smoke that smells of anisette, it leads to the catacombs in Hex 0405. Spite priests (see: 0203) are roasting a small fey from which the odor exudes.

RUINS OF PAZULVAN The dark ruined citadel moulders in the swamp. Only Bromgrush's Map from Hex 0308 will reveal safe passage to untold treasure inside.

In the middle of the woods is great Ice Wyrme skeleton. Several fey have lined it with leather and converted into a commune.

A series of ancient standing stones, untouched by the ice or stone around them. Sleeping within their bounds will protect travelers from the elements, except on any solstice or equinox, when the stones will set the Undying King upon trespassers.

8 Mastodons.

There is a bunch of ice goblin corpses here, the have been stripped of anything useful. if the PC's stay around too long they will be attacked by a search party sent after these ice goblins (so 1D10 ice goblins attack)

A Rival Adventuring Party. Hamuz - FT 3, Boze - FT 1, Umar - MU 2, Thaize - C 3. Lawful, but not affable. Travelling South.

Ancient evergreen forest. No form of scrying or divination will penetrate this hex or work within it, nor does anything passing through leave track or trace.

A banked fire and 2 dozen smoke curing ice weasels can be found around a campsite built for 3 large creatures.

THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING, this was once a very nice dwarf kingdom and is now taken over by a bunch of ice goblins. The Ice Goblin King lives here and is trying to slowly take over the general area around him. He has a fierce hatred for giants.

Blades made from the obsidian from the wintry slopes of Destiny's Anvil are said to lead their owner to his or her true love. It's superstition, of course: it always ends with blood.

A pack of Winter Gnolls dwells in the frozen hills, led by a highly intelligent, albino Chimera. The Chimera possesses a Hyena head in place of it's goat head.

Automatons that speak in chirps and lights raise then destroy a crop of flowers on these hills year-round with their drugged, barely-alive human work force. The shredded flowers and pollen are psychotropic, and responsible for the paranoia in 0519 , 0719 , the unsettling presence in 0819 , and the visions caused by the water in 0820 . A trick of the wind keeps the pollen and petals well above 0619 . (The WINTER PALACE from 0420 appears to be in this hex but it's an illusion.)

A ruined cemetery, covered in drifts of snow. There is a small house on the outskirts where the caretaker lives. He is a cannibal and servant of a death cult. A tunnel beneath his house is filled with bones, remains, and bone-chewing ghouls.

See: 0117, 0418, 1717

A cabal of twisted grey Deep Gnomes live in an ancient WINTER PALACE that is glamoured to appear as if in 0418 from afar. They sneak through Smoke Eater camps to maintain the automatons in 0418 , and set traps to leave victims for the Smoke-Eaters with results such as the village in 0219 , warriors in 0318 , and undead in 0520 . They may have built the skull in 0620 , tower in 0713 , or stairway in 0808 hundreds of years ago..

A hunting party of 5 humans covered in woad. They will attack any dwarves or parties that seem weak, not wearing the woad of ZSITHAMK, but otherwise are looking for Ice Weasels. They hail from the territory of ZSITHAMK ICECALLER Hex 0504,

Hot springs inhabited by a friendly water spirit, drinking from it cures 1d6 damage. Drinking from it a second time drains 1 point of Intelligence.

Signs of bloody battle but no bodies. A holy symbol of the toad god concealed in the snow is the only thing other than blood.

The village and domain of ZSITHAMK ICECALLER. All the villagers wear woad to look like their leader and god, the permanently frozen corpse of a Frost Giant once called Zisthamk Icecaller. His priests still hear him speak..

The Sloth Fruit trees here are metallic, and sweat and steam in the cold. Villagers from 0504 who wander here tend to stay, never rejoining the village after their new grey dreams. Travelers through this area are sometimes found missing the tops of their heads and brains.

A party of 8 dwarf Mastodon Hunters. They have pelts, dried meat, and other goods to trade. They also have a few jugs of sloth fruit wine sourced from Hex 0505 which the dwarves attribute to their past successes.

White apes wander here, worshiping a frozen rotting mastodon head, which their chief must wear over his own head at all times. Their oracle can speak with the dead if she has their face and tongue, and can tell your future by floating one of your teeth in a pool of blood.

A great metal triangle with channels in it has been overgrown by lichens and poverty grasses. Sighting along the main channel allows you to see and hear everything on Mt. CURALL in Hex 1007. A combined strength of 50 can turn the stone a few degrees to spy instead on the town of MYTHILLI in Hex 1009.

A family of 3 polar bears will trade iron rations or information for smokes. The tree roots here have grown around machine parts, scattered over a wide area. A black box can be seen clasped in high branches.

A snow-covered treasure chest sits in the middle of a field. It's a very lost mimic.

A lone Amazon is sneaking among a group of slumbering frost giants. A 30 ft sack is writhing near them.

GLANIS TOP A watchtower of 18 stranded soldiers.

A vast, frozen plain. The only notable thing is the remains of half-eaten horse.

A hidden terrace farm, growing various root vegetables. Tended by members from ILLY'S HAVEN in 0515.

ILLY'S HAVEN is a small town hidden within a cave system in the mountains. The townspeople are suspicious and potentially even hostile to outsiders; everyone here is a lycanthrope trying to control their condition far away from civilization.

A large party of ice goblins from the HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING in Hex 0415 have managed to corner and capture a young frost giant here and are now amusing themselves by torturing it to death over the last several days.

A party of adventurers is frozen in a block of ice - 2 dwarf clerics, 1 human fighter, 1 human magic user, 1 elf thief and a halfling bard. They were frozen mid-battle with an ice wizard.

FUSEN'S HOLDFAST the now ruined keep is home to a small clan of ravening halfling werewolves. They are keenly aware of the fortifications at RAVENSGATE in Hex 0519 and avoid the place, if possible.

See: 0418, 0518, 1209, 1617

The city of RAVENSGATE - a city ruled by the mad King Elgor. The city is surrounded by high walls that are manned with hundreds of soldiers. King Elgor believes that any day, his city will be raided and sacked by barbarians and werewolves. The entire population of the city keep a constant vigil, waiting for an invasion that may or may not ever come.

See: 0420

A half buried undead warband (140 strong) is frozen amongst the lichen and fir trees here. Their semi living, necromantic mistress, Caroline Hexfeather, possesses books and maps to the Three Despairs (Hexes 0112, 1409, 1817) in the area, but she lies shattered and buried amongst her creations. Any of the warband, including Caroline, exposed to moonlight will reanimate in D6 hours, and set about releasing their mistress/fellows to resume Caroline's Despair quest.

Arctic Umber Hulks burrow under the surface, weakening the ice; the passage of Firgax 0201 didn't help any. There are also Ice Toads that collect humanoid arms by tearing them off with their long, strong tongues..

Snow falls skywards here and any who sleep in this hex are compelled for the following 24 hours to divulge any long-held, close-kept secret. They spend this time preoccupied with nightmares of a world unchanging.

Yellow snow.

These frozen woods are thick with wights and draugr decked out in ancient clothing, and extensive searching will reveal that the hills beneath the wood appear to be man-made and carved in incredibly detailed and large, albeit crude, motifs featuring squat frogs and radiant beings in armor, descending from the stars.

A pack of 1d12 white wolves.

A cleric has made camp in these woods, and is reciting prayers to Our Blessed Lady of the Early Frost..

A series of squat dwarven towers linked by an old aqueduct the used to bring meltwater from the peak at Hex 1007 . One is solidly locked, requiring the key from Hex 0401 or storm giant strength to open—it contains 8400gp worth of ancient gold and a passage that breaks into the Catacombs of the Toad Gods from Hex 0614.

A group of white furred yeti performing a primal dance of frenzy before continuing to hunt the cleric in Hex 0606. They sport primitive looking holy symbols that make the eyes water and emit a flickering bluish radiance.

THE CITY OF THE 800 TEETH White elf city amed for the concentric tiers of crenellated walls surrounding it. The moat surrounding the colossal palace is filled with worms.

A bubbling tar pit has erupted from the earth and a herd of 2d6 mastodons are stuck.

A half-orc steering a raft through the fens. Paying for passage is the daughter of the Amazon in Hex 0511

PTRANG City of demon monkeys. Winged, red assed, white-furred, arctic, fiendish monkeys with a taste for human flesh and a fear of wood.

Yellow Snow and disturbingly large footprints.

The Eighth Monument of the Toad Gods is carved in blue veined obsidian. The silver key in Hex 0312 opens the hatch in the great toad's right eye. The passage within leads to the Catacombs of the Toad Gods, and stretches in the direction of the the dwarven tower in Hex 0607.

A frozen waterfall conceals the entrance to the MOUNTAIN KINGDOM OF MIGORFROST - Son of Cryonax and Lord of the Yeti. Read More

A massive slanting asymmetrical structure of rusted metal and thick colored glass, mostly hidden beneath the snow. Inside is a diseased unicorn mired in a pit full of intestines.

An arctic tyrranosaur (heavily feathered in garish colours) ranges here. it's nest is tucked away in a frost-covered fen. it is responsible for killing most of the game animals in the area.

Frozen bubbles scattered across the plain, some as much as ten inches across.

See: 0418

Dead magic zone: arcane casters cannot cast any spells, divine casters cannot channel divine power (turn undead, etc.). Divine healing may be cast, but at half potency.

See: 0420

A huge skull shaped structure of stone. The silver key in Hex 0312 opens the jaws if inserted in its ear. Behind the open jaw rough stone stairs descend while vaguely discordant flute music comes from below.

Gibbets at a crossroads containing 2d6 living criminals.

A narrow rope bridge over a 200' gorge. A pack of snow leopards have learned to attack prey from both sides when they're halfway across.

A 40' post rising from the swamps, with wind chimes audible for a mile of more. The chimes are made of frozen children.

The Land of Frozen Screams. If thawed each one dissolves dealing 2d6 sonic damage to all within 5 feet.

A single grey rock dominates the landscape. If the skull of the Cleric in Hex 0606 is placed upon the rock, Dzjarmud, Princess of the Frost Elementals will appear and grant one person a diamond-hard set of mail hammered from ice. Placing a Frozen Scream from Hex 0704 in the jaws of the Cleric's skull will bind the Princess for seven turns and she will do as the party bids.

A guttering sputtering camp fire in each forested valley; all abandoned as if moments before.

A lonely barn of rotting thatch and frozen dogs. Beneath the floor boards lies a hidden barrel; in the barrel lies a strange collection of crystal shards.

More frozen dogs. Stacked in towers of prime numbers. The collar of one of the large dogs has a tuckerbox tied to it, with a soundless whistle inside.

Dogsledder, alone, looking for his missing animals. He has a large sled with urgent supplies bound for the nearest settlement, but is bogged in the marshes. He promises a handsome reward for those who help him drag the sled to town.

Statue of legendary warrior pointing east. Drag marks indicate the direction of the statue was changed recently.

Statue of a cowering beast. It sits atop a hidden shrine to the wrongly accused.

Ice goblin raiding party, there are 1D10+12 of them. They will attempt to overwhelm the party and knock them out to take them back to the ice goblin king in Hex 0415

Lonely scholar breeds snails in an old grey tower. He has information on 5 random hexes, roll d20d20 to determine which.

Blackbirds and grey oozes feasting on the corpse of a frost giant.

A qanat (underground artificial water channel) leads from here to the THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING in Hex 0415. 4 ice goblins are slowly but methodically vandalising it. A microclimate allows palm trees and fruit orchards to flourish in a tiny hollow in the rocks. Fresh water and hallucinogenic blue peppers are plentiful.

A camp of 11 pygmy yeti. They have 45 days worth of iron rations individually wrapped jn metal foil and copper jewelry that never tarnishes.

Two dog sleds stand unguarded in the open, each pulled by 12 huskies. The drivers have been shot; their bodies are still warm. A pair of small, dirty children cower in a dry creek bed 50 yards behind the sleds. The sleds are loaded with obsidian fragments and letters for MYTHILLI (in Hex 1009).

Snow-Catoblepas, its body is buried in the snow while its oversized head rests on the surface. Barbarians have buried it here to ward off intruders from their caves while they are hunting.

See: 0418

A group of 4 humans fish through holes in the ice on small lakes. They only go out at night for fear of giant mining bugs, which they claim are watching from the mountains at Hexes 0914, 1012, 1112. Apart from smoked fish and obsidian spears they have 200 meters of remarkably light, flexible, strong, bright blue rope.

FROSTPELT VILLAGE - Polarbear-men village, impossible to get proper rations as they prefer to eat their food frozen in blocks of ice.

A longship half-buried in a mound, claimed by the men of MYTHILLI (Hex 1009) to mark the edge of the sea in aeons past.

A tight crawlspace under an ice overhang leads into one of the 3 crocodiles in Hex 0101 of The Hexenbracken - it's pretty cramped in there, but you can drive that croc around Hexenbracken like it was your character. Any number of PCs can cohabit in the croc. A witch might be able to help you exit the croc over there.

A large black gate spans two stone henges. Unlocking the gates (Difficult for a 5th level thief) fills a 20 ft area with a yellow mist that takes those within it to Hex 0612.

Stunted remains of trees litter the frozen marsh. Some have clearly been blasted by cannon or similar.

Mixed hunting party of 7 white elves and 11 ice goblins. On discovery the ice goblins flee toward Hex 0904.

A very shifty looking group of 7 white elves equipped with axes and saws. Their leader claims to be Ulivan the Steward (and if the PCs have encountered Ulivan in Hex 0308 they will be able to tell that he looks just like him)

A hive of 24 ice weasels, surrounded by thick trapping webs. Something has been done to the weasels that allows them to spin webs like giant spiders.

Thin, lacerating sleet causes 1 hp damage per hour to any exposed skin.

A stairway, bereft of whatever building it once belonged to, spirals 70' into the air. Candlewax and blood stain the highest step.

A cave contains 11 ice goblins, 2 butchered mastodons, and a motorized drilling machine. The machine weighs 1 ton and can bore a straight 4' tunnel through exactly 21 feet of rock before it runs out of juice.

A 3 mile wide frozen lake. The surface is very slightly dished, so that a ball dropped anywhere on the lake will roll to the centre. The ice is thick enough to support a human, but not 3 humans tightly clustered. Under the ice lurk 12 giant anglerfish with crystal teeth worth 40gp per fish.

Glowing stones are buried in the ice on the high tussocks of the marsh. They only emit a very dim glow, so they can only be seen at night.

Black Ice Golem. It digs trenches across paths for it to lie in, and waits, very patiently, for supper.

One lonely hut in the middle of the marsh contains an old man, his wife, daughter and granddaughter, a dog and a large snake. They are friendly with the white elves and ice goblins but tell terrifying tales of Miner Bugs (mi-go) and yetis.

A rope bridge spans the gap between the cliffs of Hex 0715 and Hex 0914. It sags to within 20 feet of the ground in the middle of this hex. It is inhabited by squirrels and sloths, who pelt passers by with small sharp stones.

Partytime—in a narrow gully sheltered from the wind and cold, several tribes of nearby denizens have gathered to get shitfaced. Normally they'd be all sword-in-your-face, but not tonight. They have a massive bonfire and enough booze and shrooms for everyone five times over.

A frozen pond here is home to a Sage-wraith. It will share with the PCs a glimpse of their future. These visions are always true, but painful and maddening.

Ice goblin outpost, they will stop everyone who comes past and ask them questions about where they are going. Then when their guard is down they will spring into action and attack. There is also a underground passage here that the ice goblins use to get back to the mountain king.

Traces of an ancient road lead away ENE. Beside the road are the ruins of an inn, now used by 9 bandits to store their prisoners before transport to the slave markets at MIGORFROST (Hex 0615). 2 young women and a goatman are chained up in the basement.

See: 0418

Rising out of the thick mists is a solitary dome, with a pair of gnarled trees like ruined horns. The hillock radiates an unsettling presence, as though it is a slumbering malevolence, but any attempt by fools to rouse it is met with failure.

See: 0418

A frozen pond identical to the one in Hex 0816 except the visions are always exciting and false.

See: 0902

An outpost on the edge of the land, where depressed soldiers from a warmer climate watch for monsters intruding on their land. Will pay bounties for carcasses of said monsters.

The mires are frequented by patrols from Hex 0901; their depression, fear, and boredom has culminated in numerous acts of petty cruelty to the local flora and fauna, and has attracted the unfortunate attention of the druid in Hex 1004.

At the center of a clearing of 111 feet, wherein never a drop of rain, nor flake of snow, has ever fallen, leaving the ground bone dry, there lies a smooth flat round stone exactly the size of the Cask of Ancient Winters. (hex 0111) It is said that if the Cask is brought here and placed upon the stone, a rift, either to the surface of a neutron star, or to an elemental plane of cold, will be opened, thus dooming the world. It is also said that this is the only place the Cask can safely be opened and thus rendered inert.

Spider goblins are in this hex fighting some ice goblins, The ice goblins are looking to be winning.

An Ettin with Lenses of Far-seeing Eyes, is watching the battle in Hex 0904 and the heads are taking bets against each other.

The bodys of 10 ice giants are here, they are in a clearing in the forest and have been arranged in a peculiar way (a wizard/mage/cleric/magic person can figure out whats up with a successful roll). They have been place in such a way that all that is needed is a blood sacrifice to summon up a daemon from the fire plains, when this thing arrives the caster and daemon roll off and if the daemon wins it breaks free and attacks the summoner/party.

A deep natural pit in the hillside has been filled with crushed ice and assorted bodies (goblins, humans, giant parts and many others); a small tribe of quite insane and hungry ogres are making a corpse slushie! They are found here (50%) hooting and stirring or are away (50%) gathering more ingredients (the ice giant bodies in 0906 might be next).

A vault of ice-dwarfs lies hidden behind a monolith of ice that entombs a wizened crone wearing a purple dress. The dwarfs are enemies of the ice giants and will ally themselves with anyone who seeks to destroy them.

A circular pool completely iced over. Looking down I to the ice one can see a forest with green leaves.

A frost troll coming down after eating some revelers from Hex 0815 is wander around here. He parleys with the party about where he can find more people like that or the fairy markers they ate. If the party refers him to Hex 0815, or the fey commune in Hex 0408 he thanks them, otherwise he attacks.

A hot mud spring, concealed in a caldera, is popular with local wildlife, 7 white elf bathers and a peaceable bulette.

Mountain village of KALDAK, home to crazy barbarians who are famed for their ability to tame and ride mammoths into battle. Warriors are sent to Hex 0909 to peer into the pool for a vision quest.

Mountain village of KADLAK, home to crazy wizards who are feared for their wild magic, they are in a constant conflict with the barbarians of Hex 0912. Anytime magic is cast in this hex roll on the wild magic table.

Small home a mountain town of ice goblins, there proximity to the wild mages of Hex 0913 has caused them to learn some magic spells (some do nothing others do everything). Anytime magic is cast in this hex roll on the wild magic table.

Major disruption of the snow drifts here will reveal a huge block of ice, in which a galleon from a far off sea-farring culture is frozen. The crew are still inside, preserved for eternity as undead.

A pack of 15 flying snow squirrels who have developed rudimentary tool use hunt amongst the hills here. If possible, they will steal weapons and food from travellers rather than attack outright.

A tribe of frost giants tend their flock of wooly mammoths whom they feed as offerings to the ancient white dragon that migrates over on the winter solstice.

This forest is the hunting ground of the dire wolves ridden by the ice goblins in Hex 0817. There is a half-White Elf druid who watches this range of forests, and has a truce with the goblins in exchange for access to the wolves.

See: 1219

Pig Eater, the hill giant chieftain, has taken refuge here. He is hiding from his ex wife who has usurped his leadership of the tribe.

Petrified forest of twisted and blighted trees. Home Yelva, a legless frost witch who rides in a sack made of goblin faces, on the back of her inbred mutated ettin servant.

The beast of aproximate knowlage can be found here.

This is the lair of Kyth-Turan, the Dweller Beneath the Ice, a tentacular horror. Any characters near the cracks in the ice have a chance of being dragged into its maw in the icy marsh below.

Peaceful Forest Grove with a large hill in the center; upon which is a Silver-leaved Tree. By the light of a full moon; icy, silver-blue Werebears play games and will invite Chaotics to join in. The winner gets his Hearts Desire.

The hidden abode of a Frost Druid. He has always regretted his calling, and mets out punishment for those who have transgressed against nature with vindictive delight. A favourite is turning the water in one's blood into ice.

An impoverished warrior is hanging from a bare tree by a noose looped around his foot. If rescued, he'll lead the party on a crazy wild goose chase around neighboring hexes looking for something he calls a 'grebbin'.

An ornately carved well filled with a golden liquid that when drunk cures diseases and heals frostbite. A wood nymph guards the well.

A pack of mountain lions. They are led by the immortal familiar of a long dead sorcerer.

The trading outpost MISTRA traffics in the crystals mined from the neighbouring mountains.

The majestic city of MYTHILLI crests the highests crags of Mount Dashanthra, its ruler the villainous Ice Queen Setra. The massive crystal castle at the centre of the city reaches up into the sky, and can be seen at a great distance.

Within the bowels of Mt. Mudo; a dormant volcano, there is an Ethereal Elevator. It is protected by three fallen Paladins of Mitra and their followers.

One the mountain peak here is really a stone gargantuan sitting down. His innards are infested by rock goblins. He tries to petition any one who can communicate with him to get rid of the goblins for him, offering his heartgem (worth 1200GP) as a reward.

The copper mines in these mountains sustains the economy of MYTHILLI in Hex 1009. There have been rumors of unknown creatures in the deepest shafts of the mines.

There is also a pod of 3 mi-go camped right at the peak of Mt. Uru, the tallest and southernmost peak in this hex. They are in regular communication with 10 more mi-go who would normally camp in Hex 1111 but have recently been chased to Hex 1113.


The riding goat ranchers that dwell in this hex are having trouble with the Goat Men of the mountains taking their livestock as mates. A night defending the herd will earn the adventurers mounts.

Thorny bushes in these hills grow black berries that are often found frozen. Roll 1d6: on 1 the berry is poisonous, on 6 the berry heals 1d3 hit points.

2d12 guards surround a group of workers trying to dig up a partially-buried glowing meteorite and load it onto a wagon.

A group of 3 sallow humans (Fighter, Cleric, and Thief) with low jowels and bulging eyes are looking for a lost cairn. They each have branded on their shoulders are symbols of the Toad Gods.

Giant boars are charging a group of ground sloths armed with assorted obsidian polearms. The ground sloths seem to be defending a hole in the base of a gigantic tree.

A pair of Penanggalan roam through the woods between 10 and 20 feet off the ground. They are stampeding giant boars in all directions. They are in fact corpse-puppets operated by 6 spider elves high up in the forest canopy.

A circle of trees have faces carved into them representing several sylvan deities. there is a 25% chance that there are 2d6 human pilgrims visiting this shrine.

The terrain here becomes a thick brackish morass. While the ground water is liquid the air is freezing giving the plants a coat of hoary frost.

Large blocks of ice like giant ice cubes litter the plain. Each hour there is a 1 in 6 chance of encountering one that's actually a crystal ooze.

These hills contain ZAOTHANOSH, a village of degenerate humans. They worship Kyth-Turan in Hex 1002 and offer it human sacrifices.

A frozen corpse on his frozen horse; he has a signet ring and a partially (50%) correct map of the area 0107-0513 and the underground complex beneath 0107-0206 with an X marked with "Left GS Spr for ritual." Another note says "sldrs grd stayed in tower, afraid" see Hex 0512.

Twisted Tree Forest; home to the cavernous lair of the dreaded Grebbin (see Hex 1005). Grabbing a Grebbin brings great luck for d6 days.

A starving group of dwarfs are setting up a surface colony. They are willing to trade a map of caverns between vaults for under earth travel for food. They refuse to discuss why they are refugees but might be coaxed into revealing where their vault used to be in Hex 1107.

High in these mountains there is a cracked open and abandoned Dwarf vault. Many areas are burned and charred while others have walls are rent and torn; as if by great a clawed beast. The dwarfs of Hex 1106 are refugees from this disaster.

A dwarven charnel it is never a pretty thing, even less so when it is a full mile across. The reek is visible in the air and smells of carrion and marmalade. Take 1 pt of damage every hour that you are within 80 feet of ti.

High in his mountain tower the mad Arch Magus Xzu Seton is building a titanic heat beam to melt Setra's (Ice Queen) heart (Hex 1009).

GRIZT NAS A city of Dwarves in the mountain who often steal from Xzu Seton (Hex 1109) have buildups of metal under their skin and sleepwalk to a cave at night none of them remember.

At the base of the mountain is the settlement of AARTZT, miners who are plagued by Slaadi reavers.

At the top of a low hill is an empty Keep with chapel bathed in long dried blood at its center. Inscribed in the middle of the chapel on the floor is a broken warding circle a thumb sized stone of cat's eye is in the middle of the circle, no blood is on it.

MAGMAMAUS an incredible underground citystate inside an active Volcano. Ruled by Largous the Titan (Titan!). The cyclopidian amber-stone walls & tunnel protect the lesser inhabitants. The population is 70% fire dwellers; Fire Giants, Elementals & Salamanders, etc... Largous has a long brewing hatred of MYTHILLI & its Icy Queen and is planing an invasion to sack it!

A group of 10 mi-go are hiding in a collapsible alloy shelter underground. They have mysterious blinking equipment, 4 braincases and a small periscope they use to look out for intruders. They were recently chased from 1111 by an irate pyromancer and his anthracite elemental, who is now stalking around the hills setting fire to stuff randomly in thwarted irritation.

A vast plain of muddy slush and ice has a cluster of six 4ft long pink stalks every 50 ft or so. These are the tongues of Frost Toads that will leap to the surface and try to eat anything touching them. Goat-Men ( 1014 ) and Ice Goblins ( 0415 ) lure enemies here.

Blue flowers with star shaped blooms grow on a lone hillside here; 1D12 per season. Arcane casters who smoke or drink tea made from the blooms can memorize an extra 1st level spell per day.

One tall featureless tree trunk rises out of the blasted tundra. It ends in a burning, splintered mess. The smouldering remains of a wizard's tower are scattered across the plain - unlabeled lozenges, shattered lab equipment and at least 2 unmarked scrolls await diligent searchers, along with a homunculus-sized fire elemental.

A caravan bound for MISTRA (Hex 1008) loaded with trade goods from southern civilizations is stopped here to repair a broken wheel on one of the wagons.

A narrow stream the colour of blood is frozen here. in the stream, a Wendigo (flesh-eating demon spirit) is imprisoned. it's attempts to escape can be heard throughout the forest here - profoundly loud cracking ice sounds. the sound of it causes terror in horses and pack animals. they will bolt.

See: 1220

Strange scrubs of twisting vines exude a strange warmth and the smell of copper and sulphur. When making contact with the vines, one can communicate with the demon who the plant's roots have grown into and whose blood courses through the vines.

A herd of ten score and twenty reigndeer (220+) ( named for their crown like horns ) roam this lightly forested glen. The Old Buck Stag has silver stars on it's brow & heart, a red broken arrow is still lodged in it's flank. The hunter of AGALLOCH ( Hex 1219 ) gave up trying to track the stag, but longs to see it once again.

Site of an ancient battle, glints of ancient metal are visible under the murk of the tundra. Disturbing remains summons 1d4 hostile will-o'-wisps.

8 Batrachian Beasts (toad monsters) guard this area, mostly surrounding the sunken remains of a stone statue. On the base of the statue are weird runes that even magic cannot translate.

Two very young girls huddle together in a broken down cart. The cart is very old and bears the marks and ravages of many winters. They mutter and cry about the cold, reaching out for aid. It's so cold. I can't get warm. They are wights. They will attempt to steal the warmth (or levels) from any living thing that approaches.

A 20' tall Obelisk, stands in the center of the hex. 3/day it summons an Air Elemental, which will run amok for 8 hours.

An abandoned encampment, tents still standing. In the center, the embers of a nearly-dead campfire slowly burn out. If the players sift through the remains of the fire, they will find a still-hot metal coin with strange markings. If the adventurers search the tents, they find a different body part in each (hand, foot, ear, etc.).

A great horned owl sits on a tree stump. It answers the first three questions that it hears, then flies away to the southwest.

These hills have recently been cleared of all trees, only cleanly cut stumps remain. The wood was used by the dwarves in 1106. An insane shepherd treeman is flailing around trying to exact revenge on the killers of his tree, which he assumes anyone with an axe may be.

The overgrown, ancient and ossified remains of a gargantuan giant lie in a valley here, almost indistinguishable from the surrounding hills. A group of 18 Boggarts lives in the valley, tunneling into the stone bones for unknown reasons.

The shortest way through this area is over the hills, but psychic white giant lizards ambush any descending the hill and accuse them of real and imaginary crimes. Depending on their judgement, one might be killed, or has a chance of ending up in 0107, 0607, 1607, 2007, or this hex. They usually prefer Trial By Theater.

A pack 2d6 of snow panthers prowl these hills.

CAMP BOON, the winter grazing grounds of a local tribe of centaurs.

Half of a mystic formula that wizards can memorize (as a spell) to cast a spell one level higher once per week is carved into standing stones here along with a damaged map showing graves near 0519 RAVENSGATE, 0415 THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING, and 0117 NIXELSTRATH. Each contains a similar set of standing stones nearby with half of a formula: The correct second half is at Nixelstrath, the one at Ravensgate will cause the wizard to imitate the nearest evil potentate for one day, and the one in the Hall of the Mountain King will summon the largest creatures in ten hexes to destroy the wizard, while, secretly, stitching the one at Ravensgate and the Hall together will cause the wizard to gain 25% of the xp necessary to level up (it will take a day of work to get the formula to fit).

A rowboat lying upturned on the windswept hillside, a hole in its weathered planking. Underneath lies a complete human skeleton and some scattered bones with toothmarks.

At the edge of the forest is a gate formed from two oaks intertwined hung with wooden bells that clump and clatter. The clappers are tiny pixie skeletons.

CAMP HEINOUS, the summer grazing grounds of the centaurs spending their winters in 1209. Turns to swamp in autumn due to flooding from the heavy rainfalls and swollen rivers flowing from 1112

What appear to be blades of grass frozen in the tundra turn out to be razor-sharp ice needles of various heights. As players walk through the region, a strange noise (likened to both a scream and broken glass) can be heard in the distance, but never from the same location.

Stable-house of Raloph the centaur mask-maker, some of his masks are made of the faces of exotic creatures and have strange properties. Players can buy masks by paying with heads of the strange and powerful.

Thorek Gudwine and his idiot brother Jedek have a hut here, where they distill a potent gin from the psychoactive lichen that abounds here. It is of great use for navigating the Astral Plane, if one can actually keep the vile stuff down.

In these dark woods dwells Threlax, an wolf headed shaman experimenting with shrink head potions. She has a warband of 17 wolfman warriors that scour the adjacent hexes for more test subjects.

A woolly mammoth wanders across the hills, with bloodshot eyes and bad attitude. It has a huge saddle on its back.

See: 1120, 2005

AGALLOCH This mostly human settlement contains a completely shattered Monument to the Toad Gods, a handful of fascinating dancers, and a hunter who keeps notes on where frost giants have been seen ( around Hexes 0201, 0202, 0314, 0316, 0511, 0516, 0714, 0906, 0907, 0917, 0919, 1112 ) .

A travelling band of flagellants, led by a cardinal of light, in search of a demonic plant. They are seriously outgunned by the demon plant in 1119 should they ever make it there. The cardinal knows and will offer a band of able travellers a chest full of gold and jewels should they assist him to fight this abomination.

Shaxtric, a half-elven F/MU in cobalt plate mail maintains a base camp of human workers and spearmen here around a giant draconic footprint. He is using it as a mould to make a silver model to present as a gift to the Ice Queen in 1009.

The Steaming Hives: 3,432 hexagonal stone columns, 20ft across and 20ft tall, are clustered together like a city. Their entrances are 5ft high. The interiors are magically warmed to 20 degrees centigrade, and steam in the cold air. 50% chance of meeting travellers, bandits and/or adventurers among the hives.

An assassin sits idly staring in field of flowers - he has been tricked into eating the hallucinogenic blooms by Strikorx, a gleeful gremlin who will try to do the same to you. If cured, The assassin has a 50% chance to think he is supposed to assassinate someone in the party.

A stray dog. On her collars are the initials S.S.

Cairn cut into a hill has several runes carved into the walls; on the lintel is are sigils of the Toad Gods. Buried with the lord of this cairn is a glass eye, anyone who looks through it or replaces an eye with it can read these writings and more. (Like the runes on the statue buried in 1202) They are also cursed to insanity and will not be able to convey any meaningful information.

A tribe of ice goblins have domesticated glyptodonts and are secretly planning to overthrow the Ice Goblin King in 0415. At the moment they are looking for co-conspirators and have a pair of unruly and wild glyptodont warmounts (2/6 chance to go berserk in battle) as a gift to the King.

Mammoth burial grounds. The hills are actually giant frozen dire mammoth carcasses. Raiders have long stolen most of the tusks available here. Try to steal more and face the wrath of 1d6 war mammoth haunts. 1 in 10 chance of encountering a dying mammoth migrating here per month.

Wispy trees with clumps of heavy mineral deposits line the fields. Geysers erupt constantly, creating a dense layer of minerals and mist that clouds the air.

The tall palace of VILSTRAJK inhabited by Thogs (hand-centaurs) and walking anemones is hidden among the strange hills by illusions—vaguely visible in waxing moonlinght. Beneath it sleeps Nidhoggr, Malice Striker, Eater of the Dead, a great polar wyrm.

The hills are spotted with large patches of bare earth, as if a great battle had taken place and upturned the soil. These spots are littered with broken weapons, scales and the occasional piece of armor. At the far southern edge of this area, countless large burial mounds fill the landscape. At night, hundreds of skeletal warriors and wights endlessly replay their last great battle, mistaking camping players for their enemies. The mounds appear normal in the daylight, but are obviously disturbed by nightfall.

The gate in 1211 leads to the realm of the frost pixies. Here, fur makes you freeze, ice makes you feel warm, shoes cause frostbite, and water makes you thirsty. A small tribe of neanderthals, aptly named Snow Eaters, hunts the pixies and binds their carcasses to the oaken gate. (12 families of naked neanderthals, each accompanied by 1d3 burly snow apes).

The warband of Gibberlick Hackbile ( a deformed plague wizard so corpulent he is carried about by crow-headed men), dwells beneath a bridge. Their number includes diseased flagellants, hypnotic-eyed goblins and 3-eyed children that are invisible at noon and midnight.

Flagellants are attracted to a fane at the bottom of an open pit deep in the marsh: 3 stone pillars bearing manacles and rusty hooks. The pit and surroundings are infested with 1d1000 flagellates - miserable, hopping strips of skin and sprays of blood somehow animated in this place. If more that 100 flagellates are present they coagulate into a flagelemental with HP equal to the d1000 roll and 2 bludgeon attacks, worth 2d10 each.

TOWER OF THE MOON PRINCESS - a ruinous tower, it's windows barred, the star gazing cupola filled with quartz sand. In it's shadow is a small village of three-eyed mutants. The families worry about their children, which have been abducted by Gibberlick Hackbile (see: 1312) in pied-piper style, but they absolutely refuse to move beyond eyeshot of the tower.

Stone monoliths spaced a mile apart contain the sprawl of ANNIX VER within the stone monoliths time cycles through a century every phase of the moon. At the start of the month, the women from 1316 are alive and well here; mid-month a young, handsome, innocent Gibberlick Hackbile 1312 can be found holding court in the pub..

A frozen lake. Visible beneath the surface: the entire female population of a previously unkown, and long extinct, humanoid species.

Fortified mansion of Nentil the Uncaring; ice medusa, whose gaze turns creatures into ice, can teach MU's the spells Flesh to Ice, Blood to slush and their reversal spells. Breeds jellyfish (whose poison turns blood into slush) in highly alcoholic ponds and has a great mask collection from the maskmaker in 1215, has made sculptures for the Ice Queen in 1009.

Forest of blasted and burnt trees radiates for two miles from an empty crater. Animals in this region are rare and the surviving predators hungry.

A devious and ancient Devil Swine, who poses as a woodsman and lures travelers into his fortified log compound where he is attended by a bevy of attractive charmed youth, the only survivors of previous expeditions, who he claims are his children.

See: 1407

The Hill fort of Eorfic Swordsmile. Eorfic and his clan are fierce, fur-clad, barbarous, and heavily armed, but friendly and welcoming to those who treat fair with them.

Low hills of a sinister countenance.

FJARÐABYGGÐ, Fortified village of the gruff mountain men. Some of their progeny are in Hex 0303, undergoing the Coming of Age trial of the Mountain Men.

On the top of these dark hills are the remains of 200 crucified goblins. A reminder to the hill goblin clans that the Dwarfs of Sul-Durabad do not think their pranks are amusing.

A troop of 32 Dwarfs of Sul-Durabad head toward hex 1401 with a wagon cage containing 5 ice goblin prisoners, and other wagons filled with trade goods for FJARÐABYGGÐ.

Bleak moorland. The tors are geometric, resembling Hex 1302 but alone, weather beaten and craggy. Flowers placed atop these formations turn to silk-weave at dawn.

This area is a crucible of bad weather as the storm giants from 1504 use the low hills to train their children in blowing lassoing tornados and juggling lightning balls.

A statue of a begging man with bulging veins on his neck kneels on the highest hill of this hex. Placing an offering of coins into his proffered hands grants a +d4 bonus to HP for d4 days. If equal offerings are given to its brother-statues in Hex 0215 and Hex 1718 before the next moonrise, the supplicant is granted a permanent +1 to constitution. The assassin from Hex 1303 knows the location of the other statues.

Falgar the mighty barbarian lord, under geas to a sorcerer from far off south, camps here with his contingent of warriors and specialists, making ready to infiltrate the palace of VILSTRAJK in Hex 1309 and destroy Nidhoggr in its lair. Falgar awaits the return of a spy before making his assault.

The Foundation and rubble of a knocked down stone watch tower. nothing above 6 feet stands still and clearing the rubble will reveal a trapdoor to a underground passage and a small hot spring fed lake with warm clean water.

MAPLETON a peaceful settlement with a thriving trade in syrup and candy. Among their eager trade partners are Gibberlick Hackbile (Hex 1312), Nentil the Uncaring (Hex 1317), and Eorfic Swordsmile (Hex 1319), which has made the town a sort of unofficial neutral ground.

An ancient, covered shrine to the Hero-Deity Naumos, the Many-Cursed. Craftily hidden as a roof support, is the +2 Spear Oblivion Awaits. Anyone taking it is Quested to slay the Devil Swine in 1318.

A stand of oaks grows together, as if woven to produce a large dome. The trees enclose one of the three embodiments of Despair.

A small dwarven mining team has broken into the surface here, they are very lost and will trade many gems for accurate directions and for the party to never tell the story of the lost dwarves. There underground tunnel leads west many miles.

A small ruined keep stands on a low hill, it's broken tower whistling strangely in the near constant cold winds. Rumor has it a silver elven sword is encased in a throne of ice within.

A stone arch stands alone in the otherwise empty tundra. When blood touches the arch, a portal appears in the archway for 2d6 turns and leads to one random location on this map. (Anyone entering the portal during a single activation will go to the same place.).

A hermit (level 20 monk) lives in a cabin who dislikes visitors; will point them to the stone arch to the north, telling them how to activate it and that it might lead to fabulous treasure. Will take pity on anyone who needs warmth for the night, but will kick them out promptly at sunrise.

What looks to be chunks of ice in this frozen swamp on first glance seem to contain frozen frost goblin body parts and crude weapons encased in broken ice. Ice trolls hunts this area at night and might lead you south to their trading fortress in 1415.

KRAGDUM-IUGHERIA Trading fortress, trade goods, supplies, fresh mounts, wildmen henchmen, trap finding goblins, all for sale or rent.

Many of the trees in this area have human shapes carved into their trunks. These are the graves of ancient wildmen who once inhabited the fortress in Hex 1415, 1 in 10 contain burial offerings/treasure.

Bears (6)

Forest Valley in which the devil swine of Hex 1318 often hunts. Sections of an ancient stone road run north to south through the middle of this hex.

Vast pit trap for the Devil-Swine of Hex 1318 full of wooden spikes carved with holy runes of the gruff mountain men.

Ice cave of the woolly neanderthals, who communicate by headbutts.

See: 1706, 1711

A dryad making her way north to meet her sister in the frostfey realm Hex 1311 she is having trouble because she can only move by melding from live tree to tree and they are beginning to thin. She must possess a living being in order to continue north and get to another tree.

Cliffs over look scenic path by a small lake. Beware falling lemmings.

Large hill gives a good view of the things in nearby non-mountain hexes. Nearby mountain hexes have a good view of people standing on this hill.

Large ancient temple in ruins. 2d6 ghouls tear their way out of the frosty graveyard dirt when travelers approach.

FIRNHEIM, titanic city of the storm giants. This mountain is not crowned by a giant keep, it is a city built into the mountain, homestead for several hundred storm giants including their children. The mountain is practically hollow, but not from the below as would be with dwarves or other subterraneans, but because the storm giants dug into it.

The mountain throne of the Winter Knight is hidden within this hex. This knight has been placed into the world to act as the Winter Queens vessel and this is where she resides (yes the Winter Knight is a woman, deal with it)

Odd machinery is built around a frozen river; if the river is thawed and moves the mechanism, everyone within 30ft is transported in time. The machine is protected by 6ft tall stone mantises who are alive but pretend to be statues.

Vorgenfrost the white elf necromancer's red and black ebony warmask gives him mastery of all the dishonored fallen. He is researching the history of the area in a crooked tower in order to divine the location of all the tombs and mass graves in the area.

Sauna of the Beserks where mountain men warriors eat spotty mushrooms in preparation for gloriously bloody and futile attacks on FIRNHEIM in Hex 1504. 1 in 6 chance of meeting 3d10 beserkers and their one eyed shaman preparing for a fight.

Rattling spooky tree limbs make it hard to sleep in this hex. Wisdom or will check to gain the benefits of a full night's sleep, else toss fitfully all night.

WOODFORD: a normal village inhabited by normal humans, except none of them seem to feel the cold and all potter about as if it's the height of summer. If asked, the villagers claim to know nothing about the stones in Hex 0409, but they are lying.

Polar bears roam here, one has somehow gotten an Elf's mask caught on it's face which raises its intelligence and allows it to blend into surroundings. A Grippli Paladin of the Toad Gods stalks Slaadi bandits who have disguised themselves as a merchant wagon.

GJAST (settlement) One priest, 8 rangers, one druid, 40 barbarians, one scholar, lots of miscellaneous humans, excellent goat cheese and a warm inn. A nearby bridge had a troll under it but the priest tricked it and froze it.

These snow covered plains are home to a large band of blue dessicated cannibal ghouls with tangled reddish hair and beards. They dig up the corpses in Hex 1514 to feast upon, and are generally peaceful as they have no lack of food.

Site of a recent battle between a troll band from Hex 1415 KRAGDUM-IUGHERIA and a mixed force of amazons form Hex 0117 and Falgar's men from Hex 1406 . There are items, weapons and tracks, and a parliament of 80 snow owls picks at the dead.

This snow covered plain is traditionally used as a battlefield. Placid on the surface, digging 5' - 10' will reveal innumerable corpses of every age frozen stiff along with their equipment.

A vast blue frost ooze undulates senselessly in the center of a frozen bog, occasionally spewing forth fully motile offspring who roll off towards the nearest protein source. A small cult of insane worshippers inhabit a camouflaged temple on stilts in a nearby stand of pine.

Eerily black stag. It is a wizard in disguise—he tricked the heads of the various armies into fighting where they did at Hex 1514 (Battleground of the Apathetic Gods) rather than on the traditional battleground (The battleground to whose petty gods all concerned had made sacrifices the previous dawn) because one of the generals had something he wanted. He goes there now to look for it.

VOGAR A village of 40 gruff mountain men led by Goat's Eye the shaman.

VELKOR KEEP A small stone keep of gruff mountain men surrounded by a stout wooden pallisade sits atop this hill overlooking the wintry forests. Three cursed, deaf/mute, storm giants with glassy eyes (from 1504 FIRNHEIM) collect weapons and armor from frozen battlefields in 1514 and leave it piled outside the gates. Legend says the giants were doing this long before Velkor Keep or the town of VOGAR (1517) were ever built, and none alive know why.

See: 1520, 1718

A small tribe of forest dwelling dwarves. They are excellent loggers, and loath fey creatures.

A clearing carpeted in flowers and eternal springtime is hidden deep in the forest here. Each full moon a carnival sets up for a single night, and is probably responsible for stealing the children of the dwarf tribe in Hex 1519.

At the base of these cliffs lie the unburied corpses of the storm giant infants who were not strong enough to live. The lonely trek here from 1504 FIRNHEIM is not a well-worn path, but is easy enough to follow.

GRUFF MOUNTAIN, ancestral home of the gruff mountain men, now held by the White Elves.

A snowless plateau in the mountains of polished obsidian reflects the constellations, even during the day. 1000 years ago the surface began to crack, and it is said that when the cracks reach the constellation of Nyrthak the Hunter, FIRNHEIM (Hex 1504) will fall to darkness.

This abandoned ruin on the mountainside was once a giant's city but it was abandoned years ago. Only carrion crawlers and undead vultures live there now.

There's a story that says a salmon has been swimming upstream, up the river's impassable rapids, for a hundred years. It's said he is a prince of a distant kingdom, transformed by a curse, who is trying to regain his true love, an arctic naiad who lives alone at the river's glacial source.

The best fly agaric mushrooms in all the lands can be found in glens near the base of the mountains. Shamans of all races seek out their potency.

CASTLE KRALLICE Home of Good King Oskrid Orn and his 97 knights. Their horses are hearty, their swords are heavy. They plan to destroy Gibberlick Hackbile in Hex 1312 and search for Vorgenfrost in Hex 1507 but the king's advisor seeks to undermine the company's unity via cunning use of Ghost sound and Ventriloquism .

TOWNSHIP OF FURUN A community of farmers, hunters, smiths and artisans who live in service to CASTLE KRALLICE in Hex 1607

The HATEFOREST: You get about a half-mile in before the feelings of universal loathing begin. Then you start to see the bodies of dead travelers...

Strange Fruit, the Polar Bears from 1511 have taken to hanging things from trees in this section of woods to draw in more prey.

Trees here are bent and twisted into bizarre shapes with no apparent explanation why.

MEADHALL OF JARLFROST - Barbarian lord and exiled knight of CASTLE KRALLICE in Hex 1607. JARLFROST is hunting the Ice Trolls who have been spotted in the nearby woods.

A ancient clan of albino lizardmen lives beneath the rotted husk of an old castle. They worship and seek Kyth-Turan, The Dweller Beneath the Ice (in Hex 1002 but they don't know that).

An archeological team headed by the mad sorcerer Hulukan, whose razor-clawed left hand of ice petrifies at the touch, leads a caravan of ape-drawn sledges southbound for civilization, loaded with artifacts extracted from Hex 1514

This hex was recently woodland, but a few years ago the trees were all leveled, blasted down and pointing generally to the south.

Frozen pond. Fresh drinking water beneath the ice.

White tigers stalk a sprawling labyrinth of crude stone, hunting those driven to despair by the Embodiment in 1817 . Troops from various factions secretly meet here to discuss how they can betray their masters and establish new orders - 0114 0117 0203 0415 0519 1312 etc. .

The hills are pockmarked with mostly small copper mines. One houses a den of wargs, while another opens into an underground lake.

A pack of 19 fishheaded Frostboar dominate these wintry hills, hunting for entrails. Their tusks are fouled and terrible.

High in the mountains is the citadel TERSIFLUX, home of the wizard Larafdok and his subjects. Many apprentices come to him to learn destructive dweomers, and his magic is the cause of the destruction in Hex 1615. He will sell incendiaries, but also has the ability to detonate any of his own creations with a thought and a wink..

See: 1705

A weary host of ice barbarians trek south for their mountain home GALEGLASHIEM. They have been beaten badly by beast, battle & monster - the weather is now taking its toll.

Underground fungal stout brewery, abandoned since the elves took over GRUFF MOUNTAIN (Hex 1602) and now overrun my fungal horrors of various flavors. several vintage barrels rumored to still be in a deep cellar.

Between two peaks, an ancient glacier cracks and groans. Its recent decay and movement has revealed numerous fissures and caverns, leading to tunnels (Dungeons?) untouched by air for millennia.

5 Arctic foxes caught in traps with strange runes cast into the metal. One is actually the sorceress that the trapper (from Hex 1706) was looking to catch.

GALEGLASHIEM Mountain Cave-City of the Ice Barbarians; 204 barbarians are lead by ShatterAxe the Shamaness - a lost amazonian warrior-priest of Athena. Another 100+ ice barabarians (Hex 1701) are struggling to survive returning to their cave-city. They live in harmony with the hunters (from Hex 1706) and in the fall and spring trade with them.

A hunter's lodge sits on a hillside by a frozen lake, housing D10 Hunters, of level 1D10, at any time. Huntmaster Karl Baerssonn knows the lands extremely well and, for pay, may guide a party to any described location. Will reward fame, goodwill, a Trophy (1D20x100GP), and a favour to anyone who brings proof of having slain any of the following game animals: The Devil Swine of Hex 1308 and Hex 1407, The Woolly Mammoth of Hex 1218, The Dryad of Hex 1420, The Arctic Tyrannosaur from Hex 0617.

On a prominant hill, an illusion of a giant laughing while flying a giant sized kite , directly underneath is a massive and hungry steeljawed horror buried in concealment waiting to eat.

Hundreds of mineral rich hot springs dot these hills. It is said one of them magically heals wounds.

The trees here grow at a strange angle, and there are large brass drums scattered over miles. If you orient your stance to the trees and beat one of the drums, the red furred demon Aunixinua will emerge from the trees and beat you with sticks - if you survive this, you can now see concealed or previously nonexistent entrances and doors for 1d6 days but must reroll HP and use the new number.

A deep cave winds into the earth. Four Ice Trolls live inside on the banks of a frozen, underground lake.

Five gnarled winter treants plod across the forest, seeking to slay the Dryad in Hex 1420 . They can be controlled with the gold coins from Hex 0101 for up to an hour.

Frost Goblin pulled Caravan on swamp marsh sleds going to KRAGDUM-IUGHERIA led by three Ice trolls and carrying mining supplies and mage hides.

A frost goblin has begun a grisly ritual to bring forth The Poisoned One, a massive, bipedal undead mammoth that will lay waste to all in its path. The thing on the plinth beside the lake has one leg from Hex 0411, one from Hex 0907, one arm from Hex 1194, one arm from Hex 1514, a torso from Hex 1601, half a head from Hex 1204, and half a head from Hex 1414 along with a map of where they came from. The body parts must be buried with the rest of their proper remains to prevent the summoning.

6 miles of knee deep snowdrifts. Occasionally the wind sound like a mocking laugh, but this is a natural illusion brought about by the exhaustion of trudging through knee deep snow for hours.

The strange, gnarled trees of this expanse never seem to bear flowers or fruit and are always covered by a thick layer of ice.

7 frost goblin anarchists harvest highly flammable sap from a giant red tree into clay jugs waiting for the right moon phase to try to burn KRAGDUM-IUGHERIA in Hex 1415 and free their people. The rest of the trees are covered in ice as in Hex 1715.

Moull Gagolth's ancient Observatory this towering blue-metal domed structure has various telescopes, periscope, lens of all shapes and sizes scattered in the snow filled interior. If the large main periscope can be clean of ice & snow it can see for many mile to the West, North and East. The periscope will give a clear view of Destiny's Anvil (Hex 0416) and can just see the entrance way to the Hall of the Mountain King (Hex 0415) in the mountain to the west. On a clear day can just see the rooftop of WINTER PALACE (Hex 0418) in the hills to the west.

A statue of a begging man with a star on his forehead kneels on the highest hill of this hex. Placing an offering of coins into his proffered hands grants a +d4 bonus to knowledge or wisdom-based checks for d4 days. If equal offerings are given to its brother-statues in Hex 0215 and Hex 1405 before the next moonrise, the supplicant is granted a permanent +1 to wisdom. The dwarfs from Hex 1519 know the location of the other statues.

A pride of rare Diamond Displacer Beasts (11) stalks these frozen hills.

Dwarf Stronghold of KVERLERAK - The Dwarf Queen Hilde Frostheart rules from the granite throne in the keep of this walled settlement. She commands a mercenary army of dwarves and gnomes.

6 well provisioned hunters, led by a Frost Sorceress, trek North in search of the Diamond Displacer Beasts in Hex 1718. Their pelts are worth a small fortune.

Abandon Ski & Hunting Lodge ( four room log cabin ). The firewood is chopped, food is fresh and will last 8 people one month. There is a revolver & a box of 50 bullets under some loose floor boards.

Polluted Falls. A large waterfall in this hex pours poisonous water into a lake and all plant life is dead and surrounded by skeletons of dead animals. the source is a large one ton canister leaking the poison that contains a bound and angry plague demon.

At specific days and times, the sunlight filters through the surrounding mountains into clear beams that meet in the middle of this unusually warm valley. If the crystals from the barrel in Hex 0707 are held in the beam, a map of the tower in Hex 1411 or a false treasure map of ruins in Hex 0407 will be projected onto the ground. Dinosaurs roam here, gathering in the warmth.

Dinosaurs foolish enough to venture south from Hex 1803 lay dead through out the hex, victims of the cold. The village DRAXIS lays at the centre of the hex, and subsits of the meat of these dead beasts. The villagers prevent all travellers from heading North into Hex 1804 via their valley.

The Lady Of Justice dwells here and will ask the PCs about deaths they've caused since the Solstice and then curse or reward them. If they lie, magpies will crawl into their mouths while they sleep and choke them to death.

The rolling hills here are all of regular shape and height. Many rabbits.

Cavern of ice leads deep into the mountains under Hex 1606. Herein lies the Hand. The titanic petrified remains of the wielder of Godhammer in Hex 0204.

Ooze nuns of Juiblex from the Oakheart Academy (see Hexenbrachen) seeking ooze in Hex 1515.

A fire elemental is bound in a forest clearing within a summoning circle carved into stone. The elemental keeps the ice and snow at bay, making the area relatively lush and comfortable.

Woods full of night singing birds who lull you to sleep, perhaps for days.

Dead thief. Frozen ice bubble with payload of blue ooze (Hex 1515), ivory dagger and tin key in his pack.

A crude watchtower and settlement next to a hot spring fed lake in a frozen marsh with a dozen shacks. Twenty seven fisher-women work the lake and trade smoked fish. They call the place TEWMRAW. Also ten men in the settlement who have had their tongues cut out for bait.

Frozen dawn—in a square mile of this area, the sun is always in mid rise.

Three Huge Woolly Snow Worms with hundreds of razor sharp icicle teeth in their maw like mouths. The worms sense heat & sound up to one half mile, but are completely snow blind.

A clearing with blood spattered on the snow and signs of a fight. The only clues are an obsidian dagger and footprints to the south east.

A band of 4 young humans and a dwarf looking for VELKOR KEEP (Hex 1518). They boast about being the first to steal from the giants near it to prove they are adults.

A party of butchered prospectors is found with signs of cannibalism. The lone survivor has turned into a Wendigo and is hiding in ambush.

A stand of birch trees grows together, as if woven to produce a large dome. The trees enclose one of the three embodiments of Despair.

The frozen corpse of an explorer, beside him is a diary. Folded in the front of the diary is a map of the area with the locations of the Three Despairs marked upon it. The diary details his lifelong quest to find the Three Despairs and his final death of ennui. His intention was to resurrect his wife who commited suicide after being wrongfully informed of his death on the battlefield. A person in possession of the map will be eternally driven to find the Despairs but will never be able to find them.

Skeletons of lost travelers amidst the snow. Treasure of coinage and trade goods present.

See: 2005, 2011

On even-numbered days this hex contains VORVEJL — a quiet village full of stone bridges. On odd numbered days it contains the First Monument of the Toad Gods and is surrounded by an unseelie court of cannibal fey.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1909

Settlement (ish) MOSSPOT.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1903

A group of lost adventurers wonder though this area. They are looking for the entrance into the mountain, they will ask the PCs for help.

⇗ ⇘

A legion of poisonous white toads defends the SCHERZEMONT—any joke told at the top of this peak will echo through the surrounding hexes. If it is good, the joke will cause every living creature at least 20 feet beneath the mountain peak in Hexes 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805, 1902, 1903, 1904, 2001, 2002 and 2003 to be afflicted as by an Uncontrollable Laughter spell for one hour, if it is bad, they will clutch their heads for an hour, unwilling to move, listen or open their eyes for fear of hearing another. One joke per person, creatures over 15th level/HD get a save to simply be terribly distracted by the humor or horror thus inflicted.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1903

Thirteen Pterodactowls (head & feathers of an owl, body & wings of a dinosaur) roost upon high rocky mountain shelves. They are large enough when full grown to carry off a woolly mammoth. The Ranger Bunsarth (Hex 1907) is willing to fund a mission to capture their young or eggs!

⇗ ⇘

Here bound in enchantments and frozen in ice is Begreli a powerful Djinni. Written in an ancient giant dialect is are the words. Those who would use this Djinni, my gift, must first cut him with opposite blades or risk releasing his tyranny upon the world. Example opposite blades include the Ivory Dagger from Hex 1811 and the Obsidian Dagger from Hex 1816.

⇗ ⇘

A crashed low budget spacecraft - more cast iron can than aluminum saucer, it's occupants, 12 Nazi space werewolves, are trying to repair it with tundra grass and rock. They are not amenable to reason being bloodthirsty werewolves, whose small minds are further clouded with the lies of Space National Socialism - they are armed with MP-40 machine pistols however.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1904, 2006

Ice Zoo of Bunsarth the Burning, retired Ranger turned animal collector. She is willing to pay a generous fee to anyone willing to bring her new and interesting monsters to join her menagerie.

⇗ ⇘

A variety of different animals are kept in a stasis like state in large frozen blocks of ice, these are being moved by a large group of ice goblins to the ice zoo in Hex 1908. the ice goblins are moving these creatures so that they can get some money from the ranger, and so that they also can get the lay out of the zoo to rob it in a couple of weeks time.

⇗ ⇘

A travelling Skald named Mulsphirn is resting here while figuring out where he got turned around. Mulsphirn was travelling to MOSSPOT in hex 1901. Mulsphirn knows rumors of many areas East of the mountains and is willing to trade stories for stories, although like all good story tellers Mulsphirn is prone to exaggeration.

⇗ ⇘

A woman juggles seven daggers and has done so for five days. After the seventh day of juggling, the seventh person cut with the seventh dagger will bleed a river of blood 4 feet deep.

⇗ ⇘

A cleric has been hunched over a sword embedded in the ground, in silent prayer. When the cleric stops praying, the sword will leap from the ground and kill him.

⇗ ⇘

Small island in the middle of a large pond contains a house which contains an urn with a puffer fish swimming in olive oil inside. Inside that is the soul of Firgax (Hex 0201).

⇗ ⇘

As the group enters the hex, a meteorite falls from the sky and lands in the tundra, vaporizing snow and ice in the area. The meteorite is made of a rare metal suitable for making highly magical items.

⇗ ⇘

JOLLYOAK An unremarkable igloo village of doppelgangers. They look like dark elves, but act like halflings, which is slightly disconcerting.

⇗ ⇘

In the Southeast of this snowy plain, a Hu Hsien, or fox spirit, flees its pursuers from the Far East who are in Hex 2015. In the Northwest, a Dark Elf flees Hex 1815, having just killed his only love.

⇗ ⇘

In the North are an entrenched force of Orcs, in the South a motley force of elfs, and humans in between a mile section of no demihumans's land piled w/ corpses. In this no demihuman's land is a web of tunnels, a Thief's group holds sway, filled with the loot of the generations who have died in this war.

⇗ ⇘

Hills of stone and frost, marked by outcroppings of black rock. An expedition or ambassadors (35 strong) from the deep south are encamped here, the vizier argues the guard captain about turning back - they have 5,000 GP in black pearls and incense they will trade at the rate of 200 GP per man for furs and warm clothing.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1919

Anzett the Cold, the assassin from Hex 1811 and Hex 1815 sits hiding in a tree, restringing her crossbow.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

The Temple of the White Tiger. The tiger priests offer mineral baths and fresh meat to those with something to trade and currently employ Anzett the Cold (Hex 1918).

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

To the south end, a rod of brackish metal juts from the ground and pulls light toward it, making a sound like poison sucked from a wound. Half-formed winged mechanical things flutter about with great purpose and no objective; anyone sleeping in this place will remember the grey blue sky, and wake with some patch of skin harder, and shiny.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1903, 2004

The titanic and translucent fetus of a new frost giant king incubates in a mineral lake hidden by the mountains.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1903

The Ringwolf—a rolling, circular demon with radiating heads like fire off a flaming wheel.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1903

Jagged rust colored peaks march like an army Southward, this is tough ground, avoided by all. Random encounters are 1/2 as common, but more likely to be aggressive.

⇗ ⇘

Three Fomorian Giants are plotting with Ursus the Cloud Giant Lord of the Northern Sky to steal the Frost Giant fetus in Hex 2001.

⇗ ⇘

See: 2008

The cruel Dreamwitch, Celia Mistworm, stalks these tundra swamps in the form of a black/blue/green Crane. If she spies travellers she will follow them for 2 days and steal their dreams (Save vs spell for each night's sleep: If failed, regain no HP that night, and also permanently gain a 3% chance of waking each night with a random temporary insanity from the nightmare left by a stolen dream). She is trying to prevent the machinations of the Toad God, and so scours dreams for information about the Monuments in Hexes 1820, 1219, 0614 and 0208.

⇗ ⇘

Malpha Elfbain 5th lv Ranger & her 4 men-at-arm ride blink dog pulled sleds with a cargo of rare beasts for the Ice Zoo of Bunsarth the Burning (Hex 1907). On Malpha's sled she has carefully tied a live gem encrusted Flailsnail worth a princesses ransom.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1207, 2010, 2012

Dozens of crudely built gibbets are filled with the bodies of dozens of dead goblin children. They hang from nooses fashioned from their entrails and their eyes have been removed.

⇗ ⇘

Fjorgvinn, axe-wielding paladin of the God of Rust and Rain seeks to slay the witch who stole her dreams (Hex 2005) but does not know where she is. A curse of evil weather follows her.

⇗ ⇘

A cold, rotten forest, filled with flickering movements and dark shadows. Dozens of ratfolk creep unseen through the undergrowth, stealing stuff and/or babies from the packs and pouches of travellers, but replacing them with sleeping ratfolk children wrapped in soft leathers, furs or fabrics.

⇗ ⇘

A swarm of heavily armed goblin and hobgoblin marauders, seeking vengeance for the gruesome scene in Hex 2007

⇗ ⇘

On even numbered days a frozen pond filled w/ frolicking children in states of whimsy and parents doting over them, they are parents of the children of Hex 1820. On odd days, a site of depraved abuse by Ogre sized monsters. An ominous tree-fort w/ teenage scouts watches over in either case.

⇗ ⇘

See: 2013

A beholder and his goblin shaman thrall perform a desperate surgery to replace its failing, aged eyes with those of the goblin children in Hex 2007. They must work quickly and evade the war party that searches for them.

⇗ ⇘

The witch named Emptiness has a frost giant's eye on a turtle's back, in order to complete the process of transforming it into a beholder she needs to steal fluids from the failing eye tyrant in Hex 2012 .

⇗ ⇘

See: 2016

White-bearded Jolnir's tiny protoelves build small golems year round. Once a year he and his team of 8 fearsome stags ride out on the Wild Hunt.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1915

Lair of an adult female white dragon with 3 Young dragons and 2 eggs, her offspring. She has mated with the ancient dragon mentioned in Hex 0917 in the past during his migration.

⇗ ⇘

Underground is a fully automated iron golem factory overseen by a lich. Will pay handsomely for an intact specimen of the small golems built in Hex 2014

⇗ ⇘

VERR VAURKE This settlement produces fierce warriors who dye their faces before each battle. Also known for fantastic wine and the Wyrd Archives of Aasivaal the Scholar.

⇗ ⇘

A trio of concerned Magus Astrologers riding armoured War-Stags traverse these woods with their 7 Wolf-headed Warrior-Tinker mercenaries. They have travelled far to search the mountains and fens of The Kraal for meteors and other astrological/extraplanetary curiosities. The area has recently been extremely active, astrologically and/or meteorologically, and they are travelling to GJAST (Hex 1512) to begin their investigations.

⇗ ⇘

EVERFLOWERING TEMPLE A temple dedicated to the god/goddess of plants and agriculture built on a hilltop. Second priest was murdered and replaced by a doppelganger recently.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

A large and sturdy wooden cart rests here. The cart is empty, and the woolly rhinoceros that pulls it eyes passers by with lazy suspicion.

A band of explorers is ready to set off across the frozen wastes. They would love to find a guide with some knowledge of the area.

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