The Kaltval

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Hex Descriptions

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The redwoods here grow to over 500 feet, and over 60 feet in diameter at their bases. Due to traces of Pandemonium in the soil, no blade can cut the wood, and fire merely makes the bark laugh. Casting Stone to Flesh will (1d4) 1: Allow cutting as a normal redwood; 2-4: reflect the spell back on the caster as Petrification. Passwall, if cast on a trunk, will create a dimensional portal to another world, or dimension (each tree goes to a different world.). Using the wood from a tree to fashion a door, and then casting Petrification on it will allow it to be used as a similar portal when set in a door-frame.

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The hills are a live - no, seriously. Wayward travellers have 50% chance of being swallowed by mouths that appear on the surface, and only a save versus breath weapon/reflexes will spare them. Failure means they descend towards the digestive juices in side the hills, which disolve instantly.

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See: 0102

The snow-crusted hills here leak and seep with a strange bloodly-mudded discharge.

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A family of seven triclopsian ogrekin, led by their diabolist witch-matriarch, graze their herd of malpacas along the ridge; they do not care for visitors, and will hurl frozen dung-balls down on those who dare traverse the ravines.

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See: 0103

The northern boundary of the nearby barbarian tribes, staked out with a winding wall of macabre wicker-things and rotting dismemberments. The ogrekin to the north have assumed the tasty morsels are offerings and do not stray past the boundary. Usually.

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The surrounding cliffs of this glacial valley afford some protection and shelter, and the barbarians who camp nearby are know to let their war-caribou graze in the leafy glades and meadows.

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MOUNT BRUNO, a shrine at the summit will greatly improve your comeliness for 24hours providing a sufficient amount of human hair is offered in the sacred Blerta everflame.

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This mountain has a constant cold breeze blowing through it, it is rumored that an air elemental has been imprisoned here by a powerfull weather sorcerer.

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There is a cave network in this mountain that houses a clan of kobolds who worship a power-armoured space marine in an ancient stasis pod as a god.

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17 Bandits, exiled criminals from KALTVAL (1508), camp in a small cave network, hidden in a forested a valley. Currently hold D3 prisoners, and are debating cannibalism, ransom and/or sacrifice.

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The feathers of the great eagles whose aeries dot these high peaks are of immense spiritual value to the barbarians, but only if taken from a living bird. Somehow, the barbarian shamans can tell the difference...

⇖ ⇙

A party of 3d6 dwarves from GEARING prospects for Pandemonium in these hills. One of them is a doppelgänger who is anxious to get away from his unwitting hosts and will see any incautious passersby as likely targets.

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MOUNT LURUN - a tall, long-dead cinder cone. A thick mantle of snow covers its slopes, but in caverns deep within, hot springs bubble away. Mistress Alara operates a bathhouse and sauna in a longhouse at the base of the mountain. Baths are 10 coppers per hour alone, or 50 coppers per hour with one of Alara's professional bath-givers.

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A nice long river can be found in this area, it is quite serene on its banks and the water in it never freezes. This is because the water has a much higher salt content then any of the closest oceans.

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Many feel this barren wasteland of rocky sand would be unable to sustain life. However, just beneath the sand, a community of halflings have taken root. Surviving off of their farming of lichen and underground feral sand worms, the halflings have created a thriving community of about 400 souls.

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A band of Ice Lizardmen believe the thermal vent near this mountain's peak will give their priests oracular powers if they can breathe in the fumes. A herd of Yak-men control the heights however and roll giant snowballs down on anyone they see trying to ascend.

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MOUNT SLYZZMERAKKA is a holy place for the Ice Lizardmen of the region. Three temples (to the gods of Prey, Storms and Afterlife) are neutral territory for the tribes in the region. Apostates and non-Lizardmen who trespass into the temples will be hunted relentlessly.

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Actually a frozen wave (size of mountain). The water god that summoned it is said to be sleeping inside.

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The peak of this mountain holds a small flower that grows only at this particular place. It is said that the fragrance of the flower could drive any creature to madness.

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The edge of this forested valley is very dense and ends abruptly at the face of the mountain. It is said strange wolf-men hide in the shadows of the trees. The supple wood of the steelepines here are treasured by bowyers.

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MOUNT TRACHURUS This rocky crag is home to a tribe of berserkers and their specially trained, armored black bears.

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The bloody-mudded discharge from 0002 collects in a valley between those hills and a snow-capped mountain. Florescent fungus grows where the snow runoff meets the blood-mud, and occasionally forms creatures shaped like bad memories of men or beasts, wailing in pain or stalking travelers with a low mad cunning.

⇖ ⇙

Travelers emerge from here with no memory of passage but repetitive swaying plants. Once clear, they will notice strange wounds and possessions gone, rearranged, in a companion's pack, or replaced with odd items of unknown purpose. The Barbarians from 0004 and 0104 send youths into this area as a coming of age rite.

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See: 0103, 0110, 0205, 1318, 1903

GRIMMROBE VILLAGE - Home of the Barbarian Tribe of Korelath. 400 barbarian warriors, 20 champions, 1 shamanka, 8 elders. Hidden within the village is a secret blood cult of 12 werewolves. Only the shamanka knows which of the warriors are the lycanthopes.

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These woods are often inhabited by great herds of caribou, and can be easily tracked as they migrate up through Hex 0106. The local barbarians often hunt the beasts in gangs of 1d6+2. The caribou dung can also be collected and makes for an excellent fuel.

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See: 0105

Within this hilly pass is a deep ice cave in which there lives a fearsome Wampa. The beast lives off the herds of caribou and is a most efficient hunter. It will not shy from attacking anything that looks like a good meal. If anyone is to search the monsters ice cave they can find 2xD20 gold teeth inside a huge pile of Wampa shit and also a +2 Flaming Longsword imbedded in a snowdrift.

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Within a clearing in the woods, there is a circle of standing stones. During the first night of the Hunter's Moon, a white fox will appear in the stones. If someone feeds the fox a dish of cream mixed with seven drops of their own blood, the fox will transform into a white-haired woman who will offer three wishes in exchange for the instant death of three people within a 100 mile radius.

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A crazy treant high on sap wielding two smaller trees as weapons.

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These frozen hills conceal a hidden Ice Troll lair. Within his lair are all manner of treasure stolen from caravans and wayward travelers.

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This forest grows on the site of the ancient clan blood battle that split the barbarians of 0104 and 0309 into separate tribes. Now it is a holy site for both tribes to reflect and commune with the dead. A small band of Axalotlic Kobolds from the east have begun tricking the barbarians into leaving offerings by hiding in the trees and pretending to be ghosts.

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These hills are riddled with old Pandemonium mines, considered tapped out by the Dwarves of GEARING. A warren of Lizardines has made them its home and will fiercely attack anyone venturing into the icy mines.

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See: 0213

The foul, beaked prophet of an ancient sauropsid evil lies frozen in a tomb beneath the glacier here. The inexorable movements of the ice have carved away most of the stone and iron chambers surrounding the tomb, which contain treasure and chaotic varanis and corvid entities.

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Some if the forested hills here are covered in what appear to be shining black scales. They were long thought to be alive until the mining operations began and the gold started pouring out.

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A ring of seven icy hills surround a lake of boiling water. Steam mephits attempt to fuck then drown most any humanoid that enters area (after spreading rumors of great treasure in the lake's depths of course)

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See: 0216

A mile wide and half as high wall of broken ice tumbles down and melts into the lake at 0215 - 0314. Sometimes the face of the glacier cracks wide enough to reveal low river tunnels that run beneath it, which are said to lead to a frozen city trapped in ice.

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See: 0216

The glacier is riddled with cracks and crevasses and terribly dangerous to navigate. On moonless nights a faint glow emanates from the deepest cuts, and an echo of merriment and laughter can be heard.

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See: 0118, 0218, 0219

THE BASTION. A huge knuckle of black granite towers over the surrounding glacial plains, and is considered prize territory by the dragons that lurk in these frozen mountains. Its ownership is currently under dispute by three of the beasts from surrounding mountains, and they are often in open combat above its peaks.

⇖ ⇙

This area of mountain has been throughly ruined by the battling from 0117 spilling over into it. There are quite a few skeletal remians and some frozen solid remians too.

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See: 0219

These craggy basalt towers are home to an ancient palace ruled by Druhir the Frost Giant and his pet White Dragons.

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A giant cone birthday hat rests here, 10 miles wide and stretching up toward the sky. It is striped in wide spiral bands of green, purple and red. From the snow covered peak a quarter mile wide pair of silver ribbons trail down the eastern face.

See: 0300, 0400

The hermit-wizard Kringalor dwells here in an isolated workshop where a dozen ice elves assist him in the creation of ingenious mechanical devices. Outwardly jovial, Kringalor is in fact paranoid and cruel; many innocent travellers who've incurred his wrath now wander the forest, polymorphed into deer.

A lone huntsman has set up camp here; the barbarian tribes to the south like to trade with him for his deer steaks are delicious.

See: 0302

A small clan of naiads raise giant otters, feeding them silver muck from the bottom of the lake here. Eating the stuff makes the otters far stronger, smarter and more loyal (causing them to be prized as caravan guards) than their normal giant counterparts, but if fed too much, they tend to grow extra appendages (like tentacles or scythes) and go raving mad, at which point they are sold to barbarian tribes as arena terrors.

While the whole lake freezes over in winter, here the ice rarely if ever thaws even in the heights of summer. Those foolish enough to risk a quick dip emerge to find themselves coated in rapidly freezing shell of ice. A number of frozen figures, can be found just beyond the edge of the adjacent woods.


A small forest that shields GRIMMROBE VILLAGE to the northwest tapers into ragged hills. In those hills lies a secret cave complex that serves as a refuge for the werewolves of Grimmrobe. In the furthest depths of the caverns, strange demonic effigies stand guard over a sealed stone portal.

Black feathered screamo harpies live in the forested hills here. Their plumage drips tar and the musical instruments they make from the bones of their meals are of legendary quality.

Mount Yrrgnashk - An ancient volcano covered in petrified trees and ossified plantlife. It is the highest peak that overlooks the coliseum in 0307. On the eastern face of the mountain, Frost Giants gather to watch the battles far below.

The players find a clearing in the woods here, where some players are playing an acting game and quite irate at the director. The performance is called New Feierland, and any group that watches will have a random member die from a horrid death unless they save. Despite this, it is quite enjoyable.

A tribe of ice trolls froze to death here. If thawed, they will revive, hungry and rapacious. A group of refugee lumberjacks are dismembering them and selling them as campfire fuel.

A dragon graveyard. White ribs clutch the sky, speckled with giant corpse fleas. Carrion worms mulch the earth, and diseased lepers search the decay for jewelled scales.

Entombed of a hill of black ice and white steel lies the body of the frigidian lizardine inquisitor, who slew the corvid prophet entombed in Hex 0112. Even in death, he guards the heretic he opposed in life. Each tomb holds the secrets of the other.

See: 0313

Amid the sulfurous hot-springs of this mountain lies the axolotlic kobold village of HYUR-KEN-KEN. Inquisitive and murderous, these pale kobolds are protected by their "slumbering god": the icy and decapitated head of an elder dragon. Their enemies suffer the gelid wrath that emanates from the cold tonnage of the elder wyrm's dying brain.

This hex is marked by an almost perfectly flat sheet of ice with an constant incline (down = west). A dropped stone might conceivably slide for miles westward into Hex 0115 or 0116.

The broken remnants of an axlotlic kobold army wanders, starving and destitute. They cannot find their enemy. They cannot find their home or allies.

The broken body of a white dragon that was the most recent owner of THE BASTION of 0117

Large mountain goats breed like rabbits and are hunted by both the dragons fighting over 0117 and the giants of 0119. They are very territorial.

The very top of the highest peak has been shaved perfectly flat and is covered with an ice garden grown and tended by frost sprites.

See: 0400

A mechanical device from hermit-wizard Kringalor (0200) is hunting those that have angered the wizard, but have escaped. There is a 50% chance it will mistake the PC's for the fugitives.

The forest here is very dense but a deer path leads to the edge of the lake. A lone halfling fisherman named Dickfreid Teebaggins is camped there enjoying the bounty of the waters. If engaged in good conversation he will cook the PCs an incredible meal of golden doryfish, rory taters, and grimbash that will induce a long peaceful sleep. When the PCs awake they will be restored to full HP.

A single elderly male Lizardfolk lives here in a small hut next to a cavern entrance sealed with sturdy oaken doors with a strong lock. If pressed, he will go on a rant about his sworn duty to defend the precious, valuable cargo in the cave, during which he will reveal he has almost completely lost his mind. His senility also causes him to omit and avoid the rather important point that the cavern is a underground holding pen and the valuable cargo are the monstrous and warped giant otters from the naiads in 0202 before they are shipped to barbarian lands. The key is hidden in the hut, and the mutant otters are savvy enough to stay quiet and rush the door when it is opened.

Lizard men camp. They will trade gold for really good dreams, but one trades by sleeping in their camp...

Lizard men graveyard. They bury the ones that don't survive the night here, in small hills.

A single, solitary peak rises up out of the ground, distinct and composed of a different rock than the range to the east. Around it can occasionally be seen powerful dragons winging through the air around the summit. These dragons can speak and interact with the environment (throw rocks, etc), but are actually illusions cast by a small group of pixies who have learned that annotating themselves in the water in a font near the peak will grant them the ability to project Spectral Force images around themselves.
If the pixies are killed, or if a character begins doubting the mountain itself, the mountain will quickly crumble, revealing a simple grave of an ancient and powerful Illusionist. The coffin is crafted with a skin of gold worth 45gp that will become lead if removed in 2d4 weeks, and will appear as magical if tested.

Tomasz Bruga, a haggard, bearded man, trudges through grey snow and frosty pines, shouldering an unreasonably large pile of his wordly possessions. He is moving to KALTVAL in search of a new life, and has a map of the area detailing all known human dwellings. He appears militarily competent, and has survived the dangerous journey through his guile and skill at arms.

See: 0207

A naturally made colosseum is hidden by a ring of mountains. Many great warriors have trained and fought here in this arena. It is romoured that the god of war is trapped within somewhere.

See: 0309

A clearing has been made amongst these trees for the Annual Barbarian talent quest and Highland games.
Ribbons, banners and colourful lanterns adorn the frosted pines.
Current Champion Belle Zebub, a fearsome 7ft She-Berzerker is addicted to loco leaf and best in the land at the caber toss. If she can be beaten in a test of strength she will claim the victor as her spouse. The winner will also recieve a jumbo meat platter.
Any bard or skilled adventurer can enter the talent show also, as up for grabs as first place prize is a bonnet of perfect posture (+2 to CHA)

See: 0110, 0311, 0409, 0410, 0411, 1318, 1903

FELLRIDGE is the home of the Barbarian Tribe of the White Wyrm, comprised of 350 Barbarian Warriors (25% of which are berzerkers) and their berzerker queen Lucii Fir, sister of Belle Zebub in 0308. The tribe engages in a wide variety of blood sports, and make frequent offerings to the local god of war.

See: 0412

Intelligent white mountain lions patrol the base of this mountain, wearing satchels. They demand of any traveller they meet a tribute for their master in 0412 - this consists of either a number of gold pieces (determined by the phase of the moon) or a unique decorative object of the same value. They deplore this charge but prefer it to their master's ire.

See: 0412

Up in the mountains lives Lezji, the ice hag, her main hobby is creating ice-people. With every snowfall ice-people turn more human-like. After 2d6 snowfalls, the only thing missing is a tongue and face, they can only gain these by murdering 2 people, after that they will speak with the voice of the one victim and look like the other.
The barbarians of FELLRIDGE (0309) have many tales about the ice-people.

The remains of an almost abandoned village are nestled in the forested hills. Of the original inhabitants, only one family remains, and they haven't spoken to another being in over 20 years. If befriended they will share the secret of the dungeons below the watchtower of 1318.

The sulfurous hot springs of 0214 pour off the mountain and into the scalding Pools of Polycrix. Seven Goat-men oracles live in small red yurts amidst the pools and mist and constantly seek to prove the others are frauds.

Mount Verruca appears to be covered in gigantic misshapen nodules of rock and resembles a warty nose from afar. The "nodules" are actually crumbling, petrified giants.

A small garrison of humans and fire goblins inhabit the partially ruined FORT STONECOLD atop one of the tallest mountains in this hex. They mark the location of each slain enemy with a banner of black cloth causing some to call their organization the Raven's Wing.

The ruined temple of a forgotten moon goddess, broken between two mountains, spits red lightning into the sky each full and new moon. Silver drakes roost throughout the mountains and hunt black boar in the snow.

Abandoned blue marble quarry. Those who once worked it have become inside out abominations, and no one can agree if they were originally dwarves, goblins, or gnomes.

The Iron Spire of Belzur is located here. It has no doors, windows or other apparent entryways, but is said to contain the true name of a demon lord in 50,000 flesh bound tomes.

A hidden valley of green amidst the icy peaks is filled with foxglove, massive oaks, and more fly agaric than an army could haul off. The faeries who live here are utterly insufferably little shits.

There is a shrine to the Huntress hidden in these hills, and her avatar can often be encountered hunting deer in the local woods. It was her arrow that damaged Kringalor's (0200) hunting machine (0300) for straying too far into her hunting grounds.

A woodsman named Thode Hurstwood has a cabin here. He has an aviary filled with crows. Anyone who trespasses on Hurstwood's property will be captured and fed to the crows.

Every living thing here " the trees, the lichen, and animals that linger too long " is slowly being turned to ice. In the middle of this strange anomaly is the frozen form of an elderly sage who has stabbed himself in the chest with a soul-drinking knife that transfers the life essence into the wielder. Every second it drains its soul from the dying man's body, then feeds it back into his lifeless husk.

The ice-white Milkhills lactate every spring equinox for 1d4 days providing a bounty of nutrition for the surrounding wildlife. All manner of beasts migrate here for the high-protein runoff that gouts from their rocky peaks, and so the tribes nearby come to hunt as well. The White River that springs from here flows west to the nearby lakes.

The Quiverwood is a forest that clings to the sides of this steepsided valley and is notoriously thick and overgrown. The trunks of the pine trees draw closer the further one heads east, until they are precisely one arm's width apart. Strangely, that arm's width depends on the tallest creature found in this hex in the hour before dawn; the Cairn Giant Hcaroch found to the south has been known to hire out his presence to aid passage through the woods.

The Cairn Giant Hcaroch has claimed these naked hilltops as his domain. He toils day after day rearranging the granite rocks and pillars into towers that tumble down with each gale from the north. He's a moody bastard; catch him on a bad day after a towerfall and he'll lob massive boulders at your head, but on a good day he'll invite travellers to share his canyon shelter and reveal that he is building his towers so he can reach the stars.

The southern face of this mountain has been dug out and mined. Long ago, granite blocks were cut from the mountain to build the ancient aqueduct and dam in 0407. Deep within the mountain is a family of cannibalistic blind albino illusionists.

See: 0406, 0408

Big Dam Mountain. Real big. Real dam too; built long ago, the water sluiced along an ancient stone aqueduct that traveled due south to the ruins at 0409.

Looming over the forest are the great pylons and archways of the aqueduct that runs from the dam at 0407. The aqueduct fell into ruin many centuries ago, but the worked stone pillars serve as rookeries for all manner of winged creatures. It also serves as the official border between the civilized lands of KALTVAL and the barbaric tribes to the west, though in truth the barbarians hold sway over the valleys to the east as well, almost as far as BLACK FANG TOWER 10.10.

See: 0407

The Howling Towers of Yor linger here. Monumental architecture lies scattered down the hillsides, but are darkened by sinister shadows as though the towers still stand. The wind agrees, and howls in battlements unseen and down halls long gone. The barbarians of nearby FELLRIDGE do not come here. And with good reason: an infestation of panangular refugeneticia have seeped through the broken trigonometries used to sequester Yor into a remainder dimension. They gnaw on miscalculations, and their divisive waste screams.

A winding path snakes its way through the hills, providing the barbarians of FELLRIDGE safe passage to the southern reaches of the valley to the east. They have marked the path with skulls and skins of axolotic kobolds and lizardine albinos that live in the valley.

August Bocelli, hermit tinkerer, lives alone just off the beaten path in a small blue caravan. August is a pleasant and kind fellow, he is generally protected by the FELLRIDGE tribe due to his skill in repairing and creating masterwork weaponry. He is fond of a good singsong and will probably give adventurers a good discount if they can sing a few licks of Nessun Dorma.
Scandalous rumours have circulated that August is the only one capable of "warming up" Lezji the Ice Hag of 03:11.

See: 0310

The master of the white mountain lions in 0310 is Volk Raz, a demonic wolf who was summoned by Lezji the ice hag in 0311. She loves gold, and hates the ice hag (and everyone else).

Dense woods strung with crystalline strands that vibrate in the wind. Their song causes mammals to become deliriously happy, allowing them to be eaten with ease by fractal spiders.

White drakes prowl these hills. It is a mark of pride to have one as a mount among the barbarian tribes.

Ancient mines tunnel through these mountains. Warm air constantly blows from the deepest depths, and strange things live in the abnormally warm tunnels.

See: 0011, 0111, 1318, 1903

GEARING a Dwarven mine for precious Pandemonium. (temporary)

The black dragon that laired in the ruins here has recently been slain. (temporary)

A high mountain pass with the frozen remains of a settler caravan, trapped and fallen to cannibalism. 3 ghouls lurk within the remains of wagons and frigid bones.

See: 0312, 1903

The Kaltvalians guard their lands at a watchtower (also 1903) from the depredations of the barbarians (0104 and 0309) and from the far worse creatures that linger in the mountains and glaciers, and maintain trade with the dwarves of GEARING (0802) who mine for precious Pandemonium. (temporary)

Woodsman's village (temporary)

See: 0009, 0306, 0408

KALTVAL Civilization lingers in this town. (temporary)

Woodsman's village (temporary)

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Woodsman's village (temporary)

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Woodsman's village (temporary)

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

See: 1318

The Kaltvalians guard their lands at a watchtower (also 1318) from the depredations of the barbarians (0104 and 0309) and from the far worse creatures that linger in the mountains and glaciers, and maintain trade with the dwarves of GEARING (0802) who mine for precious Pandemonium. (temporary)

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