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Hex Descriptions

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See: 0201, 0202, 0301

A small trading outpost with a number of surrounding farms is nestled in the hills. Kids growing up here take part in the Explorers program and are taught to hunt the mutant wildlife in the nearby hills at an early age.

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A party of Tigermen are beset by velociraptors.

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See: 0105, 0203

GULOSHIK, an underwater village of mutant telepathic eel men.

⇖ ⇙

Squat concrete fortifications lie abandoned, except for the radioactive Atomic Ghosts and a few struggling mutated insects.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0205

Jetski Centaurs want to eat you. In an ongoing struggle with the shark men of Hex 0103.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0107, 0206

Tower of the Space Wizard, Thrax Omnichron. Thrax seeks the key to controlling the temporal flux in Hex 0808.

⇖ ⇙

The intelligent sand here hates the incursion of Thrax Omnicron from Hex 0106, and will attack any it believes allied with him. It may help or steal from any it believes are not.

⇖ ⇙

Uplifted Sharks who live here leave partially-eaten corpses of their victims floating as a warning to others. They will pay a pretty penny for waterproof books and android arms, however.

⇖ ⇙

A cave in the hills contains a deactivated but functional H.E.M.A.N. (Hyper Enhanced Male Android Newtype).

⇖ ⇙

Two unassuming shacks sit on top of deep bunkers full of long lost super-science. Hints of their former use as a atomic energy labs are found throughout the ruins. Tunnels lead to Hex 0209 and Hex 0210.

⇖ ⇙

Toxic run off from Hex 0210 has caused this hex to become a smokey mess. -2 to any task that requires vision, -4 if you dont have goggles of some sort.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0113

The patches of razor-grass here are genetically engineered to envenom passersby and mulch the remains. It protects the underground laboratory/bunker of a long dead scientist.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0312

Two-legged deer with bodies like ostrich feed from the grasses and drink from the shore. They will panic if forced North towards Hex 0112 or forced onto the beach at night, where poisonous crabs beach themselves to hunt.

⇖ ⇙

A small tribe of young people live here, on a flotilla of connected rafts moored securely to shore.They tend a healthy herd of very clever, quick oviraptor type dinosaurs. The little oviraptors are quite intelligent, and can be trained to sneak and snitch and steal. They will sell dinos to travellers for food, toys, and entertainments. If asked about the absence of adults ("Where are your parents?!" and such), they just laugh.

⇖ ⇙

A large pod of Domers frolic here, making their homes among small reefs and ancient roof tops lying below the surface of the water. Domers are often clumsy on land, but here in the water, their speed is doubled.

⇖ ⇙

A drowned forest from before the waters in this area rose, now home to a colony of ghost beavers.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0216

Medirepair nanobots have gone amok; an ancient soda vending machine is full, drawing power for refrigeration from a massive tree; the tree's fruit has hard, metallic skin and is explosive; hermit crabs have adapted to living in skulls that wash up here.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0514

Gargantako, a giant mutant mind-controlling octopus terrorizes these waters and is worshiped by local tribes as a god. This hex contains his lair, some pre-apocalyptic ruins.

⇖ ⇙

The semi-sentient lake grasses that sway gently back and forth eagerly pluck the humanoid insects from Hex 0120 out of the air here, and the water is covered in a scrim of insectile wings. The lake bed is covered in small ancient artifacts.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0119

In a secluded monastery of Insect-Men deep in the woods, the great monk Kacht-ta makes slow progress on his life's work, illuminating The Codex of Burning Effigies.

Giant Rodents often wander the grassy hills here. Perfect training fodder for the students of the Explorer program in Hex 0101.

Ancient statues and tough desert shrubs dot the sand dunes. Spidergoats and Horned Sand Cats prey on Giant Dune Rats and provide a variety of more serious and sometimes deadly challenges for the inhabitants of Hex 0101.

See: 0305

A barge-island built by the Crab Handers, who conduct brisk business with the Eel Men in 0103 and the Musical Sex Magic Cultists hiding in 0304. Occasionally it rains living squid.

See: 0205

A pack of plesiosaurs swim these waters.

See: 0305

Run-off from Hex 0306 has created a gigantic seaweed kaiju (composed largely of sargassum), which menaces ships and nearby hexes.

Amphibious pirates are organizing their junk fleet and planning to steal the jet skis from Hex 0105. The sentient plesiosaur leader of Hex 0204 has stymied their efforts to expand north.

The corrosive sands originating from the Space Wizard's experiments with temporal fuel are spreading from Hex 0106. The sands dissolve external equipment (clothes, backpacks, armor) in 3d12 hours unless specifically cleaned and treated once every 24 hours.

See: 0208

Ratmen on motorcycles and dune-buggies roam these hills, waylaying travelers.

No life stirs in the dead forest on stony ground. Any living creature entering it will cause the blight to become grass, trees to regain color, and even animals to emerge from the brush - causing the creature who entered to weaken and die as its life force it sucked away. Ratmen from Hex 0207 seeking a thrill ride in to loot bodies, leaving before they get too sick.

See: 0110, 0210

Shards of radioactive metal from an exploded rocketship in Hex 0310 litter the irradiated sand dunes. Travelers passing through have reported seeing giant worms made from these shards of metal boring through the sand dunes, devouring everything in their path.

See: 0110, 0111

Large pools of toxic waste are found in this area, there is even a nice little river between them, the river also leads into 0209.

An abandoned warehouse sits rusting among the hills. It is stocked with plenty of replacement parts for robots and androids, but is guarded by a gang of a dozen look-alike synthetic's called Cherry.

A sheet-metal stockade and concertina wire surround a blockhouse, a few crude huts, a sizable piles of salvaged junk and one other building of consequence, with what looks some giant robot mantis head on the roof. This is FORT HOWL a fortress/strip-joint/salvage yard run by an obese, mutant, cyborg biker named Milo.

See: 0313

Dr. Abigail Zarder prepares to release a cybernetic mutant octopus into the scalding hot waters. Her lab is guarded by a pack of super intelligent white apes.

The water here is eerily still, but if anyone touches it they get burnt as though the water was 200 degrees celsius. If it manages to be scooped out and put into a container of some sort it is just normal water.

A small island houses a top secret annex to the complex found on the larger island of Hex 0315 and 0316. Outwardly this compound appears to be a collection of shacks and a small lighthouse guarded by a clan of about 20 jaguar-men. Internally there's some heavy tekno-magic shit going on with Aztec style overtones.

If the system is activated at Hex 0315, a mechanized bridge wide enough for large vehicular transport will have risen out of the murky water connecting Hex 0117 and Hex 0316. If the mechanism is down, the Crocolisks will attack any boats passing through.

Luminescent, highly radioactive fish cause random mutations when eaten. A staple food of the freak-people of Hex 0316.

Spawning ground for the Toadmen that live all over the region. The mass migration during mating season is a dangerous time to pass through these waters as males will aggressively challenge any and all comers.

Beached Submarine.

A giant Grizzly Snake lairs here, lurking beneath the shifting sands. It is awakened by loud noises and surface vibrations.

Watchtower and occasional hunting camp used by the people on 0101 currently occupied by mutant raiders from 0802

The Fountain of Sight. Anyone drinking the clear water from this crumbling concrete cistern will grow 2d6 new eyes in random locations.

A small island holds an entrance to the abandoned subway system that runs beneath this region.

See: 0203, 0305

Ever-molten slag pits. Bits and pieces of humanoid skeletons sometimes bubble to the surface, as does the occasional jewel or precious gem.

See: 0318

An enclave of the EATERS OF ECTASY, an alliance that espouses a Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll lifestyle, hold control over this area. They often send search parties into Hex 0205 and Hex 0304 to search for treasure and artifacts. They also trade with the Crab Handlers from Hex 0203.

See: 0205, 0406, 0417

A single green pipe juts from the scorched earth here. A large fire-breathing plant has taken root inside and blasts anything that passes close by.
Only large red and white mushrooms can grow here.

Three ancient pleasure droids wander this area looking for clients to service.

The trees in this hex have all been genetically engineered so as to resist radiation; their fruit likewise conveys temporary resistance to radiation.

See: 0409

Ascetic crocodile-men have established a temple here and attempt to quell their natural predatory instincts. At the heart of the temple lies the vaguely reptilian head and torso of a warbot, still operational (though down to one visual and one auditory sensor). The three-headed giant snake in Hex 0409 occasionally wanders here for easy prey.

See: 0209

The glowing core of the power plant that was to provide energy for the last attempt at establishing an off-world colony lies here. Nanotech swarms are futilely attempting to reconstruct control rods and a containment vessel and have reduced the entire area to a barren wasteland. The vessel descended, dripping frantic nanites in an arc over Hex 0310, Hex 0311, Hex 0312, Hex 0313, and Hex 0413.

See: 0310

The plants of this area have been adapted by rogue nanites to spray radioactive poison that causes open sores in targets with bare skin. Animal life in the area is therefore rare and quite hardy.

See: 0310, 0313

The tribesmen of this area greet the sun each morning by standing on ornate mats woven from grass colored with dyes from the shells of crabs in Hex 0113.

See: 0310


The last rational beings - sentient folk with a little otter in the woodpile - within 20 miles live in a bastion defending against the white apes from Hex 0213, the intolerant mat-tribesmen of Hex 0312, and the tyranny of the Twisted Baron of Hex 0413.

A scrap pile rises from the acidic water here. There are the corroding remains of rockets, shuttle towers, and defunct worker robots. Dog-sized white slugs slowly work their way over the pile, sucking on the dissolving metal with a disquieting slurping sound.

See: 0215, 0216, 0317, 0318, 0414, 0415

Abandoned space port, still patrolled by Walking Eye security bots. There are several fully functional mecha rusting in hangars, as well as a carrier truck for transporting mecha that needs only minor repairs.

See: 0215, 0216, 0217, 0317, 0318, 0417

A small tribe of Freak People live in a long abandoned brutalist office complex. They have named their town after the building itself, EGLINGTON DYNAMICS. Old laboratories and military facilities litter the small island.

A field of Naval Mines at various depths. Some create a vacuum and artificial whirlpool when triggered. Mechanisms in Hexes 0315 and 0316 can convey a safe path.

This Tigerman pirate fleet is made up of about a half dozen sailing junks and a cobbled-together, Frankenstein of a steamer, complete with a steam powered harpoon gun. A cage in the steamer's hold holds a captive, a self absorbed rock legend from Hex 0305, whom the Tigermen pirates are holding for ransom. They know of the mechanisms in 0315 and 0316 and use them to their advantage.

The left arm of a Mazinger is half-buried in sediment at the bottom of the sea.

See: 0519

SKIXXIKIS The Man-spider colony in the trees of the forest here has a rich hunting tradition and also expertly woven silk items. If you can convince them to trade, you will be the richer for it. Their cloth product is second to none.

Lush green grassland, where mighty herds of Shroomalo roam.

LACRIMA is a small lake town, walled and safe. The fish brought in off the lake and the timber taken from the nearby wood make the town very wealthy. They have an interest in hunting the Shroomalo from Hex 0401 but lack the expertise and knowledge necessary.

The seaweed here pulls toxins out of the water, making fish abundant; the seaweed itself is deadly poison.

See: 0405

Mangroves are abundant here, making most of this area very shallow and difficult to navigate. The mangrove fruit is a light pink and slightly salty, but otherwise healthy; the water is also clean and plenty of shellfish live here.

A few dryads of the mangroves in Hex 0404 have separated from their fellows and set up a small community here. They stay in their trees through the day, mostly, but at night dance and sing haunting tunes that make travellers never want to leave.

A group of disoriented fungus men (red and white-capped) wander aimlessly about mumbling about their lost princess. They claim that she was carried off by a giant mutant tortoise to the green pipe in Hex 0306.

A mysterious police box suddenly materializes here as dog-sized muskrats scamper away scattering about fist-sized gamma dingleberries.

See: 0509

The lake's edge here is quiet and calm. The fishing is plentiful and the woods full of birdsong. The temporal anomaly here causes time to slow down while the outside world surges past. Every hour spent here costs you a day on the outside.

See: 0309

The giant three-head snake, Cerekans; who preys upon the crocodile-men of Hex 0309, lairs here in an old school bus lot. Hidden within the tall grasses, one can find numerous automobiles and other land based vehicles rusting away.

See: 0510

This swampy area holds the remains of a large space ship (think planet evacuation size). It only crashed 2D20 days ago and has been getting looted since.

Wild screams and thunderous groans echo all through the Grim Peaks of Haegtesse. Spots spontaneously become magnetized, and any who eat the florescent berries tell tales of spirit-walking in caverns that the conscious never find entrance to.

An unnatural pall overshadows the southern reach of the Haegtesse, much as the flats just south are unnaturally bright. Dreamers sometimes wake up different on these mountains, for predators of the unconscious swarm about.

See: 0310, 0313, 0414

Large swathes of the sand here have been melted into glass by some kind of energy weapon.

A thousand foot tall metal spire which served as the defense system for the flightpaths of the spaceport in Hex 0315 stands here. The AI control has gone crazy over the centuries, and it spends its time shooting its kosmidot energy beams at the Hoops that live in Hex 0413.

See: 0416

A paranoid, chem-addled super scientist dwells in her underwater Science Dome. She has a plan to take over Hex 0315 and rule the waste. All that is needed is a component from Hex 1414 to complete the device.

A wide variety of creatures mutated by the failed experiments of the scientist in Hex 0415 swim these waters. Their bite may (1 in 6) induce mutations in the victim.

A Servo-Gang Tribe have taken over a derelict cruise liner. They are heading to take over the EGLINGTON DYNAMICS building (Hex 0306) with sawed-off shotguns and sonic grenades.

Hidden deep within a subterranean complex guarded by the Irradiated and their Psychic Masters (Treat as Brain Lashers); is a Divine Bomb " a doomsday bomb marked with the letters "Alpha" and "Omega". The Apemen of Hex 0519 are hunting for the entrance to the complex.

The crags of this mountain are full of large goats. These beasts are rumoured to be as large as houses. That's a lot of good eatin'.

One of the entrances to the subway system that criss-crosses this area, at the moment home to a clan of Badger Men. The Badger Men will let friendly travelers pass, but warn them that further on the way is blocked by a Super Human Emergency Response Android whose protocols call for it to evacuate humans to the safety of the surface.

See: 0502, 0601

The village of LASHORTHA, location of the Temple of Thought.

Forest of Shearset. The people of Hex 0402 and 0501 avoid travelling through this wood. They claim it is haunted by an ancient, hateful spirit that lures travellers to their deaths. The forest is full of dangers: quicksand, sudden spouts of flame and rodents of unusual size.

The lowlands here contain wide open, rolling beaches and ancient roads that crisscross the area. An ancient two-lane highway stretches thru Hex 0504, Hex 0505, and Hex 0605 where it abruptly ends.

See: 0503, 0505

ELOHIM, A bucolic farming community run by an anabaptist religious sect. The commune includes a large population of mutants from Hex 0604, who believe their conversion to the church has removed the taint from their blood.

See: 0503

A group of mutant slavers with captives from the village in Hex 0504 are hopelessly lost, trying to return to Hex 0604

Fields of red flowers, their pollen can be made into a powder that will sap the will of mammals.

Hidden within the hills is a fully stocked family fallout shelter; unfortunately the area is infested with grizzly snakes [http://www.savageafterworld.com/2010/04/thundarr-thursday-savage-menagerie_22.html]

An island with sheer cliff sides rises above the water, and one can see an ancient vacation resort still stands. The techno-wizard, known as the Baron, controls this resort with his legion of skeleton warriors. He is hunting for a magic crystal that pairs with the one he has. The crystal can be found in the possession of three warriors in Hex 0708.

This part of the lake is prone to powerful maelstroms (a side effect of the temporal disturbance in Hex 0408). Teen merboys (from other parts of the lake) will ride the swirling vortices to prove their courage to their peers - outsiders are welcome to try.

In the mountains, one of the habitation modules that broke off from the ship in Hex 0410, landed mostly intact in a mountain valley. Survivors and repair units are making the best of the situation.

The Happy Valley Ski Resort is now run by cheerful cannibals.

Deep inside The White Witch, the highest peak in the Haegtesse, a secret biological weapon laboratory still has auxiliary power and a trove of viable mutagens locked inside the cryo-vault. If exposed, Roll Save vs. Death for pure-strain humans and random mutations for everyone else except robots/androids/etc, who are not effected.

Between barrier islands and coral reefs, the Octopods and Octorocks of Hex 0514 fish and trade scavenged sea treasures with the barrier island Eloi inhabitants.

See: 0513

The village of EIGHT LEGS, composed of Octopods, Octorocks, and Fraeken. They stick to the shallows between here, Hex 0514, Hex 0613, and Hex 0714; because of the mutant outcast found in Hex 0118 cannot survive in the shallows.

[Fraeken http://www.savageafterworld.com/2010/04/thundarr-friday-dangerous-encounter.html]

A stranded cargo ship drifts in the waters near the border of Hex 0615. The markings naming the ship are no known Terran language and it flies no discernible flags. However, the make and materials upon closer inspection are Terran in origin.

Here great schools of small colorful, poisonous fish swim, each school comprises a hive mind intelligence (treat each school as having 1d4+1 metal mutations and maximum intelligence). The hive minds communicate thru different swimming patterns of colored fish.

The Forbidden City of the Space Wizard Radnu Undra. The space wizard pays well for healthy and beautiful slaves of all types for unspeakable experiments and unearthly delights.

A rocky crag juts out of the water. It is populated mostly by sunning crocologs and a few sin-sirens. The former are dangerous but very stupid. The latter have had their throats replaced with synthesisers, and will - for a price - sing haunting arias, providing counter-melody and luscious harmonies to themselves.

Partway along the tracks, a few outbuildings surround the WATER TOWER, which still holds many gallons of fresh water. Half a dozen strange mutants crawl around here, hoarding this precious resource for themselves.

See: 0418, 0618

Apemen engage in skirmishes with Man-spiders from Hex 0320. Neither side is certain why the fighting began. PCs will also feel increased aggression here.
A piece of a malfunctioning mind-control device is resonating an aggression frequency in this part of the forest. Other pieces of the device can be tracked if this one is recovered. Pieces in Hex 0916, Hex 1203 and Hex 1512 will complete the device, which can be repaired with some technical mastery.

Deep in the woods lies the LABYRINTH OF STEEL, which some say was built by the Super Human Emergency Response Android. It is a strange maze of traps jerry-rigged out of old lasers and sensors, and at its center is a device that's rumored to make people immortal.

⇗ ⇘

A community college is buried beneath the hills. Adepts from the Temple of Thought in Hex 0501 prove their devotion by braving the depths to retrieve the esoteric yellow and black volumes of the "4 Dummies".

⇗ ⇘

The wooded hills here have the reputation of being haunted in the surrounding communities. The truth is barriers between worlds have been weakened and often beings and creatures from other times and places slip into this world here.

⇗ ⇘

A gestalt horror is said to make it's home here. Composed of millions of vermin, it takes shape as a 12 foot tall vaguely humanoid figure.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

See: 0504, 0505, 0704

All life in a 2 mile radius has been extinguished. The earth is bleak and all vegetation has withered to a lifeless grey and black. Entering this contaminated zone is impossible without protection: save vs. death/radiation.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

See: 0503

This area is not as toxic as to the north, but only the toughest lichen and moss survive here. Anything else that ventures into this area suffers radiation poisoning.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

This forested, rolling hills contain the ruins of a amusement park and a working drive in that still shows the rocky horror picture show every Saturday night. Many of the locals style themselves after different characters when hunting trespassers.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

The peaceful village of APPLECART holds a secret: they are mind-swappers. Every night they swap minds with each other; each night a visitor spends in the village there is a 1 in 6 chance a villager will swap minds with the visitor.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Giant psychic lobsters gather about their prophpet to glean secrets from its arcane prounouncments issued M-F at 7:30 PM.

Giant psychic lobsters gather about their prophpet to glean secrets from its arcane prounouncments issued M-F at 7:30 PM.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Anthropophagous mermaids have captured a merchant barge ("The Lucky Albatross") and rigged it with devious traps in order to catch their dinner.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Spherical homes hang from the lower 10,000' of a space elevator like strange clusters of grapes. Sugar glider / yeti hybrids live in this vertical village (called VERTIGO) and rob all passersby of their food, musical instruments, and hair.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Most players will only see wavelike ice and strange rock formations. More insightful players will notice the two sentient glaciers that are locked in a centuries-old combat to the death.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Clinging to the underside of some cliffs, 9 lawnmower spiderbots demand to speak with the engineer. They may attack with poison missiles, or by spinning their legs to fly like bladed helicopters.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

See: 0514

A dead ultrawhale lies on the shore, covered in gorged crabs and seagulls. Inside its cavernous intestines, a theocracy of tapeworm-folk struggle to reconcile their religion with the recent events.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

A derelict oil platform. Ghosts of dinosaurs haunt the petroleum and sing dirges on psychic frequencies.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

See: 0515

The hunting grounds of the Adamantine Ogre, an oil tanker that has been turned into a pirate mothership.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Huge bubbles float up from the deep and fly to the east, like a trail of ants. A few of them contain people or objects.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Obese giants float here with tremendous innertubes, water wings, or pool toys. Their entire village is here on a constitutional vacation in order to restore their body's humors, as advised by their doctor (who remained behind).

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Sultry seagulls seek slimy eels. Jolly philosopher sharks are only interested in ape-men (see Hex 0519).

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Subterranean meme-generators still produce consumer-culture impulses. Trees naturally grow into the shapes of shopping malls. Squirrels compulsively "spend" their acorns on tattered, ancient shoes that they purchase from beavers.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Three wells. One alligator. But it's big and crafty.

⇗ ⇘

Polished suburbia, with polished little lawns and polished little houses, and polished little shoggoths wearing beautiful blonde wigs. The whole place smells like apple pie and rotting dreams.

⇗ ⇘

Buffington's Greenhouse. Sentient bro plants lift weights and strive to be the biggest, meanest and greenest.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

One of Malphyziak's old data mines. A shaft drops 500' into the earth, its walls covered with soup can labels and the animated remains of the old wicker miners.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

A tall tower stands on a hill with a good view of the death and desolation in Hex 0604. Silver skinned aliens sell tickets to the view decks and will drop large living creatures into Hex 0604 so viewers can bet on their life expectancy.

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